Taming_1front-1back_opt650If you are still planning your Christmas Eve service or are just in want of a personal devotional to help you navigate the season, the folks at Worship Team Coach offer “The Taming of Christmas“.  According to founder, Jon Nicol, the book is intended to “kick some of the sentimental crust off of the Christmas story”.

“The Taming of Christmas” is a thought-provoking perspective about a God who staged a rescue that started with a baby.  It’s short enough to be read as a meditation for your Christmas Eve service or other Advent-season worship gathering.  And it’s sure to stir up some great discussions in your small groups.

Scott A. Gorman, Pastor of Worship at C&MA Church of Morgantown, says the following about “The Taming of Christmas”:

This is an honest and insightful look at the first Christmas that provides a challenging call to action for the church.  It pulls us back to reality and asks some hard questions regarding our notion of Jesus’ entrance into this world…

This is a valuable resource for the Christmas season that brings to light the many facets of the MESS that faced the babe born in the manger.

The book is offered as a digital download in both ebook and printable versions.  Worship Team Coach also makes available a copy license that allows “The Taming of Christmas” to be shared with everyone in your congregation or ministry group.

To learn more about Worship Team Coach and the services they offer, visit http://www.worshipteamcoach.com/about/worshipteamcoach

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