paulhermanphotobw-webYou’ve probably heard of Church Copyright Licensing International – perhaps by the more commonly-used acronym CCLI.  The growing popularity of worship music has resulted in a greater interest by songwriters and, therefore, an influx of worship songs – good, bad, or indifferent.

Paul Herman, our friend and Marketing Director at CCLI, provides the weekly dose of wisdom.  This excerpt is drawn from a conversation we had with him as part of The Songwriter’s Cafe back in 2012.  Paul has remarkable perspective on the landscape of worship music and what it takes for a song to resonate with the Church.

More information on CCLI:

Note: The original TSC interview is no longer online nor do we recall the exact link to the post.  We did find the following link that referenced the interview, though it does not appear to be functioning.  In the event it is restored, we’ll share the correct link with you.

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