Last March, we interviewed Nate White, a songwriter and theologian about his upcoming project – an album created in conjunction with Living Bread Ministries.  On October 21, 2013, the EP He Has Made Us One was released.  In all of our busyness, we neglected to inform you of the event (and, yes, we are aware that makes us somewhat lame).  Well, to make up for that fact – at least a little bit – we thought we’d let you know that Nate’s album is now available as a free download on NoiseTrade (

Nate White

Of course, we’d like to remind you that 100% of the proceeds from He Has Made Us One will be donated to Living Bread Ministries, a ministry designed with the sole purpose of planting churches among the global poor who is even now branching out in the poorest areas of Thailand.  So, while the album is being offered free of charge, we hope you will consider the “Leave a Tip” option on the site.  Really, it’s great music for a great cause – win, win.

One other note, the second track of the EP, “Noble Army of Martyrs”, was featured recently in an online article in WORLD magazine: Iran’s crackdown on Christians hasn’t let up, by Jamie Dean, posted October 31st.  Nate dedicated one of the songs, “Noble Army of Martyrs,” to Iranian pastor Behnam Irani after reading WORLD’s story about persecuted Christians in Iran last year.

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