Tim Timmons is cool.  There.  We said it.  And you’ll probably be saying that too when you’ve finished listening to our interview.  Tim was our guest on Episode 13, and when we heard he was releasing a new LP, Awake Our Souls, we knew we had to catch up with him to talk about it.

Tim took time out of his schedule on two different days to speak with us about the record, delving into the meaning behind the songs and offering insight into his personal journey, including how his relationship with Jesus is allowing him to learn how to truly breathe.  Tim’s generosity, enthusiasm, and wisdom are on full display in our conversation.  We expect Episode 35 will be amongst your favorites.

Other notes:

  • No news yet on the airing of Timmons Pantry Raid.  As soon as we hear more about it, we’ll make sure you know right away.  Honestly, we can hardly stand the wait.  We’re dying to watch that episode with Chris August…
  • Note: This episode features extended Dan and Joe banter.  This is what happens when those two don’t get together to record often enough.  Still, we hope you enjoy it.
  • In terms of the metrication of the United Kingdom (listen to the episode – you’ll understand), most roads still use the imperial system to represent distances and speed limits; however, newer roadways will often show metric units.
  • The word “schlub” (again, listen to the episode…), is a Yiddish term – perhaps originating in Poland – that means a talentless, unattractive, or boorish person.
  • We continue our migration of our episodes to SoundCound.  If you’re in the mood to binge listen, head on over and check out all 100+ episodes: https://soundcloud.com/frequencyfm
  • Leaving a review on iTunes is one of the best ways to give exposure to the artists we feature on Frequency.  We’d be more than honored if you would hop over there and say something (nice…)


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