The Story

Separated by nearly 4,000 miles, it was highly unlikely that Dan Thomson and Joe Brookhouse would strike up a fast friendship. Yet that’s just what occurred in their past roles as contributors to All About Worship. The bond was cemented as they each took on the moniker of co-host of the popular Christian songwriter podcast, The Songwriter’s Cafe.

While both passionate about music, it didn’t take long for each to realize that they were drawn to more in Christian art than music. Christ followers express themselves in countless ways – in many mediums that don’t receive mainstream attention. It also became apparent, after countless conversations with Christian artists, that the depth and breadth of their interests are vast and deserve more exploration than a cursory 20-minute interview can provide.

Thus was planted the seed for…


Who we are, what we aren’t, and what you can expect

Frequency.FM is a podcast featuring Christian artists across all mediums. The team at Frequency.FM feels that artist features can be more than music and can delve into areas beyond the evident surface. Rather, we intend engage artists from all walks, discussing life, faith, and their passions. Expect to hear from a diverse collection of artists whose work is presented in music, media, entertainment, magic, authors, producers, script writers, graphics, painting, film, animation etc.

One thing that will never change, however, is our commitment to discuss matters of faith and the artists’ relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Goodberry Interview

If you want a more conversational introduction to what Frequency is about, we encourage you to check out the following interview produced by the fine folks at They interviewed Dan and Joe to find out how they made their start in podcasting, who we are, and vision for it as a content and media outlet. We’re thankful for this opportunity and trust that you will understand us a little better after watching.

Dan Thomson

Dan Thomson


Current: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Married since 1997 to Kerri; three kids: Abbegail (15), Baden (13) and Luke (10)

Dan finds himself in a new and exciting role as a Pastor of Student Ministries, Music & Communications at Grace Baptist Church in Charlottetown PEI, overseeing Grade 7 – College/University and also preaching, teaching, worship leading and technology. Dan also assists in the on site Christian School and oversees chapels.

Since he was eleven, Dan has been involved in making music and has had the opportunity to travel playing professionally, as well as record and produce music in his home studio.

Dan is also a hockey fan (Toronto Maple Leafs), used to the punishment and ridicule that follows such an allegiance and also enjoys tennis when he can. You can often find Dan and Kerri reading, watching M*A*S*H, ELF, Frasier, Andy Griffith, drinking tea, listening to Adventures in Odyssey with their kids or driving to the ocean.

Joe Brookhouse

Joe Brookhouse


Current: West Linn, OR


Hometown: Good question…

Married since 2000 to Vanessa Lynn Brookhouse aka “Supes”; two very cool children: Marisa (20) and Sammy (5)

Joe finds himself waking up at 5am most mornings to get ready for his day job – a position with the unglamorous yet ambiguous title of “Manager, Consulting Services”. It pays the bills and allows him to fulfill his most important roles: follower of Christ, husband, father, and worship leader. Much of his daily commute time is spent listening to new music and select podcasts, the best of which will later be used to torture his wife.

Since he was nine, Joe knew he wanted to write and perform music, but it wasn’t until his 33rd birthday that he received the call to lead worship. Joe is the worship leader at North Marion Community Church in Aurora, Oregon.  He struggles with his limited time and resources to honor God with the level of worship He truly deserves.

Joe confounds and entertains his family with his many interests and utter lack of focus. You will frequently find him jogging on the back roads of West Linn, perhaps singing a Fike song in full voice, and contemplating the nature of various offerings and sacrifices as described in Leviticus.

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