It’s 2015, and we’re back with another stellar episode of the Frequency podcast.  We’re elated to share with you an interview (conducted by Dan!) with the talented and diverse Drew Brown.  Yes, this Canadian singer-songwriter is a purveyor of his own brand of indie pop infused with folk and electronica.  But he’s not content with just that.  For his latest release,  Analog Love in Digital Times – Part 1, Brown can add to the credits “producer” and provided most of the instrumentation.

Dan digs in with Drew to discuss the inspiration for his unique style, why his independence is important, and under what circumstances he would relinquish the reins on producing his own work.   They even spend a few minutes chatting gear – we’ll circle around with Drew again to have a more complete conversation on that topic.  It had both Dan and Joe geeking out.

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