Who says there’s no such thing as providence?  You certainly won’t hear it from us.  Our episode today is the result of the appearance of a small package on Joe’s doorstep.  Inside he found an advanced copy of Healing Spiritual Wounds, a book authored by our guest, Carol Howard Merritt.  This inspiring yet practical piece paves a path to the restoration of personal faith for those who have been hurt or betrayed by established institutions of faith.  It’s a timely work and one we felt immediately compelled to share with our audience.

Merritt, a minister and creative, opens up about her painful childhood, the blessing of editors, and her stumbles as a would-be evangelist during her time as a student at Moody – her approach demonstrates the innovation that is borne only out of necessity.  And make sure to hang around to hear her guilty pleasure.  Hopefully, it doesn’t completely undermine her credibility. Blame Canada!

  • If we want to dive right into the interview, it begins at minute 13.  But if you do, you’ll miss out on the exciting conversation about the weather and Y2K.  Seriously scintillating stuff.  
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