FFM-thumb-finalA few months ago, Joe and I (Dan) had the opportunity to be interviewed by the fine folks at Goodberry.Net, a podcast and blog of the world’s largest Christian DVD, book and Bible study lending service. They interviewed us to find out how we made our start in podcasting, some background information on who we are and what our goal and purpose is as a non-profit content and media outlet.

We encourage you to listen in to the conversation as we discuss perspectives on media, the Christian artist industry as well as how and why we love interacting with artists.

We’re thankful for this opportunity and trust that you will understand us a little better after watching.


Additional Links:

Goodberry Website: http://www.goodberry.net

Goodberry Facebook: Goodberry Facebook

Goodberry Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoodberryBooks

Goodberry Blog: http://blog.goodberry.net/ 




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