Back in April of this year, Tanya Godsey pinged on our radar.  This Naslovelinescoverhville-based singer/songwriter/worship leader was on the verge of releasing her third album, Love Lines the Last Horizon.  After almost two months of back-and-forth (through the fault of no one), we were able to connect to record this, our latest interview.  At that time, the actual release date was uncertain, so we have waited patiently until this day (September 30, 2016) when we could share.

In this expansive, unguarded conversation, Tanya and Joe explore the genesis of the project and the unexpected diversion manifested through anxiety and depression.  The album is in many ways shaped by the life events experienced in its creation and reminds us that, even though we do not feel worthy of love, we are ultimately the beloved children of a gracious Father.

  • As mentioned during the interview, Sarah Hart’s album Til the Song Is Sung was released just shortly before our interview with Tanya.
  • We were introduced to Tanya through our friend and guest Staci Frenes.  We should see hear some new music from Staci before the end of the year.  Stay tuned!


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