Shut Up and Listen 6: Matt Storer of VisionTrust

vtheaderWe were furiously editing our interview with Paul Baloche in order to release it today (October 7th) in tandem with his new album, Your Mercy.  But then Jim Gray approached us with the possibility of an interview with Matt Storer, CEO/President of VisionTrust International.  Considering that Hurricane Matthew has already claimed nearly 300 lives and continues to wreak havoc throughout the Caribbean, it was a simple decision, and we think Paul would agree.

Please take a few minutes to listen in to Jim’s conversation with Matt and learn how you can assist with hurricane relief in a very tangible and practical manner.

Notes from Jim: I met Matt through a mutual friend here in Colorado Springs. The thing that is different, in my opinion, about VisionTrust is that they are in these countries for years. I met Nelson today who celebrated his 15-year anniversary as Director of VisionTrust Dominicana (Dominican Republic).

When news of what was happening in Haiti developed, I reached out to Matt to see what they were going to do to help families and children in Haiti. In fact, I decided to volunteer six hours of my time because the need was so great and time was of the essence.

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Shut Up and Listen 5: Latifah Phillips of Moda Spira

modaspira-press-compressed-4Jim surprised us (in the best possible way) with his excellent interview with the supremely talented singer, songwriter, and producer Latifah Phillips of Moda Spira.  The self-titled album draws listeners in with it’s intimacy and emotional vulnerability.  Jim speaks with Latifah about this ambitious project as well as delving into the day-to-day efforts that mark the life of an indie artist.

Notes from Jim: Latifah Phillips represents a consistently growing number of indie and mainstream artists and bands who make their home here in Colorado. Latifah has made a name for herself and her projects by touring, producing and collaborating. As you’ll discover in this podcast interview, my goal was not just to talk about music or the person, but uncover what it takes to make it as an indie artist in today’s music economy.

freqsampv1Also, don’t forget that Moda Spira is featured on the forthcoming Frequency.FM Music Sampler Volume 1.  Release date to be announced shortly.




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Shut Up and Listen 4: Kyle Reed

KyleReed_CouplePicHappy day, everyone!  The Shut Up and Listen podcast is back with our buddy, Jim Gray.  In this installment, he introduces us to Kyle Reed, an entrepreneur and marketing blogger from Nashville.  Kyle resources people with ideas, content, and marketing. He is married to Ginny, works in Digital Marketing and likes his coffee black and his dog, Jack.

Kyle has some special content just for you listeners that includes:

  • Tasksheet
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Social Media Suggested Content Schedule
  • Hacking Monday Worksheet

Go to and enter your email. You can also chat with Kyle on Twitter @kylereed


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Shut Up and Listen 3: David Leo Schultz


It’s been a while since we shared a new episode of “Shut Up and Listen” but that is not a reflection on host Jim Gray or his work ethic.  For this latest installment, Jim connects with actor, writer, and director David Leo Schultz.   You may be familiar with David’s directorial work in Ragamuffin, the well-regarded Rich Mullins bio pic from 2014.  He’s currently preparing to roll out a full length feature addressing the life of author and evangelist Brennan Manning.  Jim and David share some laughs as they discuss the film industry, writing, ADD, and what it means to be a Christian navigating the Hollywood landscape.


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Shut Up and Listen 2: John Sowers


Hey, it’s you again!  So glad you dropped by for the second episode of our newest podcast, “Shut Up and Listen”. Before going too far, we must acknowledge that our kids have admonished us for using words in the name of this podcast that they are not allowed to say – “because it’s rude”.  Gotta love ’em.

Our gregarious host, Jim Gray, hits the phone lines this week for a conversation with author and speaker John Sowers.  Here’s a little note from Jim about his history with our guest:

“I met John in 2010 for the first time in Portland, OR when he was getting ready to publish his first book.  John and I often randomly chat online about zombies and other geeky stuff.

Here is a message I received from John when he was visiting the White House for a meeting a few years ago:


John Sowers is President of The Mentoring Project.  Because of his work in the field of fatherhood and healthy families, John as been honored by The White House where he was received the President’s Champion of Change Award.  Additionally, CNN, Maria Shriver/NBCChristianity Today (profiled as an emerging young leader in their “Who’s Next” series), RELEVANT, Fox News KOKH and others have featured John and the story of the Mentoring Project.

John is also an author and frequent speaker, regularly advocating for positive role models and communities to invest in their own young people.  John’s first book, Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story, (HarperCollins, 2010) is a revamped popular approach to his doctoral work in the field of faith and fatherhood.  His most recent work, The Heroic Path: In Search of the Masculine Heart, (Hachette, 2014) explores a man’s journey towards manhood, uncertainty without masculine initiation and themes in history, literature and the bible that point towards how to overcome fear and walk towards love.  John also writes frequently on Storyline blog and his personal blog.

He enjoys remote places, knife making, mythopoeia and the Boston Red Sox. He is active on Twitter and Instagram as @johnsowers, and lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and two daughters.


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Shut Up and Listen 1: Robb Overholt


Thank you for joining us for the inaugural episode of Shut Up and Listen with Jim Gray.   Shut Up represents our latest interview form – a raw, unedited connection with talented people engaged in all facets of Christian creativity.  We’re sure you’re going to enjoy what is the first of many to come.

A note from your host, Jim:

“I met Robb at an event here in Colorado Springs, CO last December. Since then we’ve had several insightful and fun conversations. Robb has this unique ability to challenge the audience with wisdom, humor and music. When he pulls out his guitar during his talk and breaks into song and everyone is singing with him…it’s magic.”

Robb Overholt is The Change Orchestrator. His primary goal and sincere passion is to empower you to become a Change Conductor of your own. A captivating motivational speaker and an innovative thought leader, Robb’s universal and versatile message is a perfect fit for anyone in any organization. Hailing from Austin, TX, Robb draws from his life experience as a business owner, adventurer, musician, activist, philanthropist, husband, and father to deliver presentations that are both memorable and motivational.

For more information, go to or email

Get a free FREE DOWNLOAD of the foreword and first chapter of Robb’s new book that released  that released this week!

The Shut Up & Listen Podcast features music by Kevin McCloud, “There It Is”.  More info can be found at

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