modaspira-press-compressed-4Jim surprised us (in the best possible way) with his excellent interview with the supremely talented singer, songwriter, and producer Latifah Phillips of Moda Spira.  The self-titled album draws listeners in with it’s intimacy and emotional vulnerability.  Jim speaks with Latifah about this ambitious project as well as delving into the day-to-day efforts that mark the life of an indie artist.

Notes from Jim: Latifah Phillips represents a consistently growing number of indie and mainstream artists and bands who make their home here in Colorado. Latifah has made a name for herself and her projects by touring, producing and collaborating. As you’ll discover in this podcast interview, my goal was not just to talk about music or the person, but uncover what it takes to make it as an indie artist in today’s music economy.

freqsampv1Also, don’t forget that Moda Spira is featured on the forthcoming Frequency.FM Music Sampler Volume 1.  Release date to be announced shortly.




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