Last fall, City Harbor dropped their first single, an über-catchy inspirational pop number called “Come However You Are” from the EP of the same name.  It didn’t take long for mainstream Christian radio to take notice and start asking for more.  The Nashville duo responded on February 4th with their self-titled debut, City Harbor.  If you’re on the fence about springing for the album, let us help you: we read every review we could find and have shared those that provide a good perspective.     City-Harbor The consensus: This is – by all accounts – good work from City Harbor.  The album is well-produced and a pleasant listen.  It’s hard to fault the positive message and solid vocals from Molly Reed and Robby Earle.  At the same time, they don’t explore any new territory and tend to stick to the well-worn thematic and sonic Christian radio standards For quality, comfortable CCM fare, City Harbor is safe bet.  Just don’t expect any surprises.

Worship Leader

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The production quality is superior, the harmonies are ever so tight, very singable melodies, lyrics that draw you into worship, and an all around exceptional debut album.

Jesus Freak Hideout

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City Harbor does a pleasant blend of indie and alternative with worship and commercial pop, which gives them a unique presence while staying well within the means of the radio-friendly sound.

CMA Addict

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The lyrics are simple, but impacting. The album is consistent lyrically and musically. It’s uplifting message after uplifting message, and that’s what makes this album.

Christian Music Review Blog

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For the majority of radio listeners out there, this album will mix in well with everything else that is being played.  But therein lies the problem with me.  It doesn’t really stand out.

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