Ellie PortraitWe’ve been pretty excited about the release of Ellie Holcomb’s debut LP, As Sure as the Sun, from the moment we learned of it last fall.  Ellie first came to our attention when Episode 12 guest Emily Freeman named Ellie’s EP With You Now as one of her favorite releases of 2013.   Relenting to her husband Drew’s (of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors) constant encouragement to record her own music, Ellie initiated what would become a record-setting Kickstarter campaign in mid-November. In just three days, the $40,000 goal was met.  It then went on to earn over $100,000 in pledges in just a few weeks time.

So, with all of the expectations and enthusiasm, does As Sure As the Sun hit the mark?  Or will we be let down?  To be honest, we like Ellie too much to be objective on this one, so we pulled together reviews from across the Net.  

The consensus: 

From all reports, Holcomb has knocked it out of the park with her debut.  Straightforward lyrically, scripturally founded, and with her distinctively sincere and vulnerable vocal delivery, As Sure As the Sun sets the bar pretty high for new releases in 2014.  Unless you’re put off by Holcomb’s brand of folk-pop, this is an album that should be added to your collection.

Christian Music Review

Review Link: http://christianmusicreview.org/ellie-holcomb-as-sure-as-the-sun/

Key quote:

As Sure As the Sun dawns on the musical horizon with soul-warming themes of God’s immense grace, love, and power to bind up the broken.

Worship Leader

Review Link: http://worshipleader.com/sure-as-the-sun/

Key quote:

Her musical experience and expertise, combined with the timeless truth of God’s Word, have created a beautiful, stirring debut.

New Release Tuesday

Review Link: http://www.newreleasetuesday.com/userprofile_reviewssinglepost.php?review_id=22130&user_id=140

Key quote:

Ellie brings sincerity and relatable themes that get deeper with each listen. As Sure As the Sun is one of the top albums of the year. This is truly a great album and a moving and prayerful worship experience.

Jesus Freak Hideout

Review Link: http://www.jesusfreakhideout.com/cdreviews/AsSureAsTheSun.asp

Key quotes:

There is a sense of harmonic completeness that keeps the project afloat from beginning to end; it’s rootsy and home-grown, but it’s polished, attractive, and above all, worshipful.

There’s a lot to love about her unapologetically faith-filled and charmingly quirky folk-pop sound. Her debut, As Sure as the Sun, blends the best of the indie songwriter style with timeless truth that doesn’t come off trite or forced.


Review Link: http://www.hallels.com/articles/1015/20140212/ellie-holcomb-as-sure-as-the-sun-album-review.htm 

Key quote:

In stark contrast to many popular preachers and singers who rely more on pop psychology for inspiration but will ultimately be rendered ineffective, “As Sure As the Sun” is anchored on God’s word.

Indie Vision

Review Link: http://www.indievisionmusic.com/2014/02/14/ellie-holcomb-as-sure-as-the-sun/ 

Key quote:

An album full of lyrical gems and moments of realisation, contemplation and praise, this is a great start to Ellie’s introduction to full-length albums, and to hopefully more listeners intrigued about her music.

Jesus Wired

Review Link: http://www.jesuswired.com/ellie-holcomb-surpasses-expectations-debut-lp-sure-sun/ 

Key quote:

The stunning vocal control and truthful lyrics found on As Sure As The Sun firmly establish Ellie Holcomb as a force within the Christian music industry.

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