Album:  Dust & Clay

Artist: Weston Skaggs

Genre: Alt Christian

Label: Indie

Release Date: September 13, 2014

Standout Tracks: Lion & Lamb, Wasteland


Though we are little late to the game, we were pleased to be introduced recently to an indie release from artist Weston Skaggs – a solid EP called Dust & Clay that hit the street almost a year ago.  Though currently residing in Ohio, Skaggs hails from South Carolina.  His music is a reflection of influences from both.

Skaggs’ first move on Dust & Clay is a bold one – he opens with a slow burner 3/4 number, “Lion & Lamb”.  The arrangement is appropriately sparse and features one of Skaggs’ strengths – his effortless and gentle vocal shifts into falsetto.

Tracks such as “Jericho” and “Wasteland” present what may be his defining quality – a songwriter’s gift for storytelling.   In doing so, he employs different stylistic approaches, but keeps them rooted in deceptively edgy folk-rock.

The release’s weak spot would be “Deliverer”, an upbeat worship song.  While it demonstrates strength melodically, it reveals an over-reliance on praise and worship lyrical cliche.  Look past this and enjoy the rest.

Skaggs brought in a cast of solid Nashville musicians and studio folk to create Dust & Clay, and it shows.  It demonstrates a polish that is often lacking in indie work.  The best production doesn’t distract and allows the songs to stand at the forefront, which is generally the case here.

Dust & Clay from Weston Skaggs is a nice surprise: a quality indie Alt Christian release that presents the artist’s distinctive style while remaining accessible.  Best of all, Skaggs has made it available to you for free on Soundcloud.  Give it a spin and tell a friend.


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