On Episode 18, we’re featuring an interview with Jared Haschek, a founding member of Compliments of Gus, perhaps the best Christian rock band you’ve probably never heard of.  Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Compliments of Gus has been a fixture on the down under music scene for 16+ years.  In 2013, they released their 10th and perhaps most definitive album, The Black and the White of It.  compliments-of-gus-600pxJared discusses the band’s longevity, the changes in his songwriting approach, and the influence different mainstream artists have on their sound.  They also chat about the Christian music scene in Australia, balancing day jobs with their roles in the band, and Melbourne’s record-setting fascination with P!nk.

Other Notes:

  • If you have an extra 12 minutes on your hands, here’s a link to the YouTube video Joe and Jared where chatting about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMiJRAWSYo
  • Originally, the featured image on our front page reflected the line-up at the time of the release of If This Is the End in 2008 when Jared’s wife was the bass player.  At first, we thought it was cool, but then decided it might be confusing.
  • We’ve add a Wise Words page to our site where you’ll be able to access a portfolio of these popular installments, including the most recent from Episode 10 guest, Ross King.
  • Joe still doesn’t know what “roll up the rim” means.  Perhaps this link will help: http://www.rolluptherimtowin.com/en/index.php
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  • The name of the dog that rendered Dan incapable of speech was Putter.  He was a much-loved Boston Terrier that shared a home with Joe’s family for ten of his 14 years.


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