Welcome to our (somewhat delayed) 10th episode of the Frequency podcast.  Our guest, Ross King, is a veteran of the Christian music scene.  His songs have been recorded by over 100 different artists, and he himself has been making records since 1995.  His latest project, This Hope Will Guide Me, is one of our favorite worship releases of the year.  

Ross w Vest

Ross opens up to Joe Brookhouse about the life circumstance that preceded and, to a certain extent, influenced the recording.  They discuss what makes worship songwriting so challenging, evaluating your own work, why – after 18 years in the business – he’s still kicking around.  And for independent artists, the dig into the current landscape of indie music and how to ensure that we don’t get into our own way.

Other Notes

  • Lead sheets for many of the songs from This Hope Will Guide Me can be found on Ross’ website, http://rosskingmusic.com/.  Introduce them to your church!
  • Note: Ross writes for Simpleville Publishing, not Smallville Publishing as incorrectly stated by Joe.  To paraphrase Ross: Joe’s love of DC (Comics) corrupted his mind…
  • Our site was out of commission for much of the past week due to administrative issues.  They have since been resolved, but we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate that you are listening.
  • More interviews, articles and reviews of recent music releases and books, can be found on our site, Frequency.fm.
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