Kevin McNeese, NRT’s Good Steward

We are ending the year on a high note.  A couple of months ago, we had the distinct pleasure of connecting with one Mr. Kevin McNeese, the founder of the ubiquitous Christian music site, New Release Today (NRT).




Michael Neale: A Creative Invites Intimacy

Happy Holidays to all! We are very hopeful that you are enjoying this episode in the comfort of your own homes or at the very least in a space that is relaxing and conducive to a joy-filled season celebrating the birth of our Savior. For your listening pleasure this week, we present to you an interview with the remarkable Michael Neale, a Dove Award-winning songwriter, author, and worship leader at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX.


Josh Wilson Says “Yes” with New Album

Perhaps we say this too much, but we really mean it this time:  You are in for a treat today.  For...

Amp’d Interview: Bonnie Gray, Part 1

Last year, Bonnie Gray came to our attention by way of her excellent memoir-driven book, Finding...

Wise Words 32: Don Moen

A few weeks ago, our buddies at Worship Ministry Catalyst interviewed legendary...

Robbie Seay: Passionate, Pragmatic and Independent

Back when Frequency was in its infancy, there were a few names we scribbled on a (figurative)...

Emily P. Freeman’s Heart for Artists

The holidays are in full swing, and we're excited about the season.   We're also pretty stoked...


Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with Peyton Jones

Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with Peyton Jones

Episode 6 is here!  We’re very excited to feature author Peyton Jones as our guest.  Peyton Jones is founding coach of New Breed Church Planting UK/USA. He has worked as a tentmaker, a firefighter, factory worker, and psychiatric nurse, bringing all these experiences...

Interview with Caroline Cobb – Singer/Songwriter

Interview with Caroline Cobb – Singer/Songwriter

Indie artist, Caroline Cobb, recently released her third album,  The Blood + the Breath,  an ambitious and well-constructed concept album.  It has been met with general critical acclaim and impressive sales.  Caroline is a singer/songwriter, and full time stay-at-home...

Home Run Book Giveaway by Travis Thrasher

Home Run Book Giveaway by Travis Thrasher

For you podcast listeners, you’re likely aware that Travis Thrasher recently graced us with his presence and shared with us some of his experience writing the novelization of the movie, Home Run.  And, because Travis is such a generous guy, he offered to help us give...

Interview with Graham Kendrick – Worship Duets

Interview with Graham Kendrick – Worship Duets

Integrity Music | For more than 30 years, worship leader and songwriter Graham Kendrick has been at the forefront of Christian music in the United Kingdom, crafting songs such as “Shine Jesus Shine,” “The Servant King,” and “Amazing Love” that have inspired worshipers...

Podcast Episode 5 – Interview with Travis Thrasher

Podcast Episode 5 – Interview with Travis Thrasher

Holy cow!  At long last, Episode 5 is finally here.  You can catch our excuses on the podcast, but needless to say, it’s been a busy season for both our hosts.  We’re just glad to be back and to have you here with us. We’re very excited to feature author Travis...

Interview with Evan Dunn – Poet/Artist/Performer

Interview with Evan Dunn – Poet/Artist/Performer

  Joe Brookhouse recently connected with poet, artist and performer Evan Dunn. Evan touches on his heart and passion for poetry and the realities of sharing publicly in both Christian and secular environments. He also shares what it means to be a poet in the realm of...

Interview with Nathan White – Singer/Songwriter

Interview with Nathan White – Singer/Songwriter

Joe Brookhouse recently connected with songwriter and theologian Nathan White and his most recent project: an album to be released in partnership with Living Bread Ministries. Nathan touches on his vision for the album, how his recent study of church and mission has...

Podcast Episode 4 – Interview with Phil Long

Podcast Episode 4 – Interview with Phil Long

Thanks for joining us for Episode 4 of the podcast. In this episode, we feature poet, artist, actor and founder of The Sacrificial Poet Project, Phil Long (aka LiarLunatic). Phil wears many hats and is both a "poetry slam" artist and an advocate for new talent in the...

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Petra and Whiteheart Members Announce Joint Project

Petra and Whiteheart Members Announce Joint Project

John Schlitt, lead singer of Petra, and Billy Smiley, guitarist, singer, and founding member of Whiteheart, are excited to announce a new album and world-wide tour for 2016. Targeting main stages of festivals, theme parks, fairs, and special events, the guys have put...

CCLI Appoints Malcolm Hawker as President and CEO

VANCOUVER, WA, USA - CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc.) announced the appointment of Malcolm Hawker, an executive of the company since 2006, as President/CEO effective January 1, 2016. Howard Rachinski remains an integral part of the team as...

Lecrae Announces 2016 Higher Learning College Tour

Lecrae Announces 2016 Higher Learning College Tour

LECRAE is heading back to school in 2016. The two-time Grammy® Award-winning hip-hop artist, known for his music message frequently at odds with his hip-hop peers, has fans buzzing with excitement at the announcement that he’ll be hitting the road on February 9, 2016 for his HIGHER LEARNING TOUR stopping at more than 30 college campuses and in college towns across the country.

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A Guide to Our Album Ratings

Ratings We want the resulting score of an album to represent the philosophy we have espoused in our Your Baby’s Ugly post: an honest, fair, and kind review.  We do recognize, however, that a score for 6.7 for an album we generally like is going to confuse some folks – especially considering that some review sources will hesitate to assign an album anything less than 3.5 out of 5 stars. For the sake of setting appropriate expectations about our scale for album scores, we share the following guide...


When I sat down (via the magic of the internet) with Joe Brookhouse of Frequency, I expected to answer some questions about my book, my faith, and my art. What I didn’t expect was the conversation that followed. Joe is thoughtful, prepared, and engaging and that interview remains one of my most memorable and enjoyable during the flurry of the book launch. I’m a huge fan of Frequency FM and it’s an honor to support the great work they do

Emily P. Freeman

Author of A Million Little Ways

I look forward to every new podcast that comes out from the great guys at frequency.fm! I love the variety of people that they feature, the questions they ask, the song clips they showcase, and the fun that Joe & Dan have together! This is a podcast that feeds my artist-heart and I am SO incredibly thankful to have it available to me through iTunes!

Hannah Starn

Frequency Listener

When my baby girl Eden was in NICU in St. Paul Minnesota, I had a scheduled interview with Dan Thomson and Joe Brookhouse over at the Frequency Podcast.  This Podcast is top notch for artists and authors and because I didn’t want to miss it, the guys graciously allowed me to call in over Google Voice and risk their studio quality sound.

In the end, I’m glad they did because it turned out to be the best interview I’ve done.  Joe knocked the ball outta the park with his insightful questions.  I’m sharing it with you because we went places Church Zero didn’t go, and I want to take you with us.

Peyton Jones

New Breed Church Planting