Album: Brother

Artist: The Brilliance

Genre: Praise & Worship

Label: Integrity

Release Date: February 17, 2015

Standout Tracks:  “Now And At The Hour”, “Breathe”, “Dust We Are and Shall Return”


The Brilliance is recognized for their innovative blending of modern worship and liturgical tradition. In other words, you’ll get doses of atmospheric artistic flourish and tradition with your progressive praise. Their latest effort, Brother, is deliberately timed to release one day prior to Ash Wednesday as the world prepares for Lent.

It quickly becomes apparent that this long player is not your typical worship release. The arrangements are rich, complex, and the overall tone is subdued. Three or four songs in, however, it just begins to feel heavy and almost imperious. A few lighter touches and variation in delivery would lift the LP and make it more palatable to a casual listener.

Perhaps the best approach to consuming Brother is to treat it as a menu and not a meal. Tracks can (and should) be considered independently as candidates for incorporation into a worship service. While it may be difficult for a typical worship team to recreate the arrangements, the songs can still be an affecting addition.

At the end of the day, Brother by The Brilliance is well-executed and certainly promising. The lack of variety and energy prevents this from being a great release, but there is some compensation to be found in the reverent and unique delivery.


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