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In many ways, the heart of Frequency is found in our Podcast.  We love to engage artists, learn from them, gain insight into their work, and perhaps understand what drives them to create.   Each episode features a conversation – one that could almost happen at the coffee shop while sipping on a particularly potent Americano.  The interviews are at times revealing, poignant, fun, inspirational, and maybe even ridiculous, but they are always entertaining and informative.

We love our guests – we know you will, too.  While you won’t always recognize the name, we believe you’ll come away feeling like you’ve made a friend.

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Lisa Fenn Becomes the Story

Lisa Fenn is an award-winning journalist and producer who never imagined her life would be changed when she decided to do a feature on a couple of high school wrestlers. Yet it did – in extraordinary fashion.

Marc Alan Schelske – Be Reasonable

As promised, we deliver Part 2 of our interview with author Marc Alan Schelske. We delve into reason vs. emotion as well as Marc’s support of Shattering Stigma with Stories, a mental health awareness ministry.

2 Minute Music Review – “A Million Lights” by Michael W. Smith

Where things fall off the rails is in originality and lyrical content. The song, if written and released under any other name, would not have reached the critical acclaim or widespread success it seems to have achieved. Let’s be honest. Would it reach CCM radio? Absolutely. Why? Because it feels good, it sounds good and it challenges nothing. 

Marc Alan Schelske Makes Peace

In our first of a two-part interview, Joe connects with Marc Alan Schelske, a writer, speaker, hobbyist theologian, and recovering fundamentalist. Marc just released his excellent and timely book, The Wisdom of Your Heart that challenges Christian myths about emotions.

Wise Words 39: Elias Dummer

The front man from The City Harmonic shares a quick bit of wisdom regarding song selection and what does (and doesn’t) ultimately save us.

Stu G: A Symphony of Suffering and Hope

We admit it: sometimes it can be difficult to get us to move off of high center. You can put wonderful art right in front of our faces – we will even enjoy and appreciate it – and yet we can get so buried in the day-to-day existence that we fail to bring it to you. That was nearly the case with The Beatitudes Project.

Matty Mullins: Scream and Swagger

The name Matty Mullins is more likely to be known within the circle of secular metalcore aficionados than amongst consumers of contemporary Christian music. He’s the frontman for the hugely popular metalcore band Memphis May Fire. But he’s also a Christ follower and is preparing to release his second solo effort, Unconditional, a CCM-ready collection of irresistible pop.

Greg Sykes’ Balancing Act

Our guest this episode, Greg Sykes, is one of those folks that we seem to run into a lot, and we’re always the better for it. The Covenant Award winning songwriter and worship leader hails from St. Catherines, Ontario (Canada!). His debut EP, Reverse, was released March 10, 2017, by Integrity Music.

Joel Vaughn’s Big Break

With the busyness and wonder of the Easter season behind us, Dan and Joe finally had the chance to take a deep breath and jump back into new episodes. That means we’re ready to share Part 2 of our interview with Joel Vaughn.

Joel Vaughn Fights For His Life

A few weeks ago, we featured a guest blog post from recording artist Joel Vaughn, offering encouragement to his peers. In this episode, we offer the first of a two-part interview with this Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

Keith Mohr Inspires Independents

Christian Musician Summit Northwest is one of our favorite events to attend, and we never fail to return with a plethora of excellent conversations to share. Our experience last November was no exception. We did, however, reserve one: our interview with Keith Mohr, an entrepreneur and diverse creative.

Josh Blakesley’s Portable Liturgy

Just about a year ago, we had the privilege to connect with singer/songwriter, Josh Blakesley. Upon learning that he was releasing a new project, Mass of Restoration, we wanted to take the opportunity to catch up.

Be Authentic, But Don’t Suck: An Interview with A Beautiful Liturgy

Yes, the title is provocative, but we swear that it is not intended to be click bait – it really is a major theme in our featured conversation with Rich Kirkpatrick and Emilie Joelle, the father-daughter duo A Beautiful Liturgy. The make-up of the group is unique but their perspective on music and worship is universal.

The Healing Journey with Carol Howard Merritt

Who says there’s no such thing as providence? You certainly won’t hear it from us. Our episode today is the result of the appearance of a small package on Joe’s doorstep. Inside he found an advanced copy of Healing Spiritual Wounds, a book authored by our guest, Carol Howard Merritt. This inspiring yet practical piece paves a path to the restoration of personal faith for those who have been hurt or betrayed by established institutions of faith. It’s a timely work and one we felt immediately compelled to share with our audience.

With Skylar Kaylyn, It’s All About Love

Happy New Year! Our first episode of 2017 features a returning guest: Skylar Kaylyn. The young singer/songwriter from Wyoming is celebrating the release of her third album, “This Is Love”, as well as her recent engagement (congrats, Sister!).

Michael Neale: A Creative Invites Intimacy

Happy Holidays to all! We are very hopeful that you are enjoying this episode in the comfort of your own homes or at the very least in a space that is relaxing and conducive to a joy-filled season celebrating the birth of our Savior. For your listening pleasure this week, we present to you an interview with the remarkable Michael Neale, a Dove Award-winning songwriter, author, and worship leader at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX.

Staci Frenes Embraces Change

Change is inevitable and oftentimes painful. Staci Frenes understands this fact as well as any of us. With the release of her latest album, Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores, on December 16, 2016, we sat down to discuss the nature of change and how it is represented in these songs. Amongst other topics, we dig into the challenges and benefits of a good artist/producer relationship and what it means to embrace the difficulties in life.

AMPD Interview 28 – Sky Terminal on Tour

Recently, Dan Thomson was able to catch up with the band
Sky Terminal on tour through the maritime provinces of Canada and interviewed the band about their new sound, new record, influences and touring.

Paul Baloche – A Season of Change

On October 7th, Paul released his latest collection of songs for the local church, simply titled Your Mercy. Joe caught up with the Dove Award-winning songwriter in his new home – a one-bedroom apartment in New York City – to discuss the album and how it captures the recent changes for his family.

Shut Up and Listen 6: Matt Storer of VisionTrust

We were furiously editing our interview with Paul Baloche in order to release it today (October 7th) in tandem with his new album, Your Mercy.  But then Jim Gray approached us with the possibility of an interview with Matt Storer, CEO/President of VisionTrust...

Tanya Godsey’s Last Horizon

In this expansive, unguarded conversation, Tanya and Joe explore the genesis of the project and the unexpected diversion manifested through anxiety and depression. The album is in many ways shaped by the life events experienced in its creation and reminds us that, even though we do not feel worthy of love, we are ultimately the beloved children of a gracious Father.

Shut Up and Listen 5: Latifah Phillips of Moda Spira

Jim surprised us (in the best possible way) with his excellent interview with the supremely talented singer, songwriter, and producer Latifah Phillips of Moda Spira.  The self-titled album draws listeners in with it's intimacy and emotional vulnerability.  Jim speaks...

Failing Upward with D.L. Mayfield

Through this emotionally rich memoir, she shares her extensive experience working with refugee communities in the United States. D.L. (aka Danielle) and Joe explore a few of the many memorable (and timely) stories, how they inform us as individuals, and how we hope they may influence our culture.

Jody McBrayer Part 2, Leaning Into Hope

With this being our 40th episode, the podcast finally hits middle age. Should folks prepare for the impact of mid-life crisis? What better way to address it than with the continuation of our candid conversation with celebrated artist Jody McBrayer, formerly of Avalon, who is currently promoting his recently released project, Keep Breathing.

Keep Breathing with Jody McBrayer, Part 1

Dan had the pleasure of talking with award winning artist Jody McBrayer, former singer with the band Avalon and current solo artist and also part of the trio Cana’s Voice.

CMS NW 2015 – Jonathan Mason of Word Worship

Though we spend a lot of time connecting with artists, we also believe it is important to connect with behind the scenes in those essential but often unheralded roles. Our conversation with Jonathan Mason is one of those occasions. Jonathan heads up the worship arm of Word Entertainment. An artist himself and graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Biblical Studies, he followed God’s somewhat circuitous route from worship leader to his current position as Director of Word Worship. Listen to learn more about Jonathan’s journey, his heart for worship leaders and worship music, and the exciting events on the horizon at Word Worship.

Katie Gustafson: Caring for Yourself

Happy New Year and welcome back to the podcast. For our first episode of 2016, we wanted to share something special and uniquely appropriate. Katie Gustafson is a name familiar to many folks as an accomplished singer-songwriter and worship leader. But she wears another hat – she’s a licensed professional counselor who has been in practice since 2009. It was her work as a therapist that brought her to our attention.

CMS NW 2015 – Andrew Ehrenzeller and the Culture of Worship

Our introduction to worship leader Andrew Ehrenzeller was a wonderful little accident. The Jesus Culture artist was standing near our booth, so we just struck up a conversation without actually recognizing him. After twenty minutes of chatting about the joys of family and common interests, we finally decided that we should commit it to a recording.

Andrew Marcus – A Bright Voice From Western Canada

If you’ve been keeping up with our series of interviews from CMS NW 2015, the name Andrew Marcus is likely a familiar one. This gregarious Canadian songwriter and worship leader jumped in and facilitated several of the resulting artist conversations. Andrew is based out of Vancouver, BC, which is quick couple of hours from Seattle where CMS NW took place. Andrew has written and worked with some big names including Paul Baloche, Leeland Mooring, and producer Ed Cash. They describe him with words such as “sincere”, “anointed”, and “refreshing”. And we tend to agree.

Amp’d Interview: James Mead of Kutless

We’re back with another Amp’d interview! This episode features one of the original band members from the band Kutless, James Mead. Ironically, although Joe is a throwing distance from James in Oregon, Dan was actually the one who connected with James due to scheduling…soon to be rectified of course with a coffee at a local shop!

CMS NW 2015 – Benji Cowart Talks Worship, Songwriting, and a New EP

Songwriter Benji Cowart has long been on our potential interview list. Not only is he extremely talented, he is funny, humble, and ridiculously kind. Our guest host, Andrew Marcus sat down with the Word Worship artist to pick his brain about leading worship, his songwriting approach, and the new EP, Surrender.

CMS NW 2015 – Healing the Nation with Don Moen

We start strong right out of the gate with the legendary Don Moen chatting about his experience with CMS NW and his latest endeavor – a musical project that focuses on his longing for a nation that is healed and whole.

Staci Frenes Gives Voice to the Artist

It seems that God never ceases to find unexpected and creative ways to introduce us to artists. Such is the case with our guest today, Staci Frenes. Staci is probably foremost a singer/songwriter with eight records under her belt whose music you may heard featured in movies and major network shows. But she’s also a gifted writer who published her first book, Flourish: Cultivate Creativity. Sow Beauty. Live in Color. last year. It’s a beautiful and inspiring collection of stories and insights that speaks into the hearts of Christian creatives everywhere.

Amp’d Interview: On the Road With Christa Wells

An episode or two ago, Dan and Joe were chatting about our friend, Christa Wells. Christa has been on tour with Plumb and has journaled about the experience on her blog. Dan remarked about how honest and vulnerable the entries were. So we decided to connect with Christa to see if she would spend some time chatting with us about the glamorous life of an indie artist on the road and how touring with a large act is quite a different animal. She kindly obliged us.

Amp’d Interview: Brothers McClurg Redux

In June of this year, we published a humble, five-minute Amp’d episode that featured Brothers McClurg. Those of you who’ve been following understand that we shared the only remaining usable audio from an otherwise wonderful conversation. Well, because God is good and Brothers McClurg are good guys, we managed to connect again in late Summer for a redo interview.

Tim Timmons Learns to Breathe

Tim Timmons is cool. There. We said it. And you’ll probably be saying that too when you’ve finished listening to our interview. Tim was our guest on Episode 13, and when we heard he was releasing a new LP, Awake Our Souls, we knew we had to catch up with him to talk about it.

Shut Up and Listen 3: David Leo Schultz

It’s been a while since we shared a new episode of “Shut Up and Listen” but that is not a reflection on host Jim Gray or his work ethic. For this latest installment, Jim connects with actor, writer, and director David Leo Schultz.

Eyes Up with Jason Roy of Building 429

In our latest Amp’d Interview (#13 if you’re counting), Joe sits down with Building 429 frontman Jason Roy. We caught a few minutes of Jason’s time as he was enjoying the excitement of interstate travel on a tour bus.

Digging In with Elias Dummer of The City Harmonic

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re back – just in the time for the weekend, with episode 34. Our guest is a gentleman who makes up one quarter of the Juno Award winning band, The City Harmonic – none other than Elias Dummer.

Brad Guldemond Reaches a New Audience

We’re back with episode 33 of the podcast! In this episode we introduce you to Brad Guldemond, a singer/songwriter and Canadian to the delight of our co-host Dan Thomson. In this episode, we talk about songwriting, opportunities for collaboration and Brad’s focus on kids worship music as well as fun new lyric videos.

David Dunn Provides A Dose of Reality

Let’s agree to finish up August on a high note, shall we? We had the opportunity to sit down with BEC recording artist David Dunn regarding his latest release, Crystal Clear.

AMPD 12 – Shane Whalen of International Songwriting Competition

Hey there. You non-songwriters will forgive us this little indulgence. For our latest Amp’d interview, we asked Shane Whalen from the International Songwriting Competition to hang out with us a bit. Why is that? Well, we like what they do and the way that they do it.

Dawn Camp – Photography and Grace

What do Emily Freeman, Bonnie Gray, and Jessica Turner all have in common? As Frequency followers know, each of them has been a guest on the podcast. In addition, each of them is featured in The Beauty of Grace, a compilation of stories cultivated by our guest, writer and photographer Dawn Camp.

Josh Wilson Says “Yes” with New Album

Perhaps we say this too much, but we really mean it this time: You are in for a treat today. For our latest Amp’d Interview, we brought on recording artist Josh Wilson to talk about his forthcoming album That Was Then This Is Now (July 31, 2015). Not only that, but we invited author (and occasional guest) Bonnie Gray to sit in as co-host for the interview.

Wise Words 36: David Dunn

We’re excited to bring you Wise Words 36 featuring BEC recording artist David Dunn. This excerpt represents a teaser of the forthcoming full interview with David in which he discusses necessary humility inherent to the artist’s journey. Great stuff!

Unveiled with Amy Savin

We’re excited to be back as we present to you podcast episode 31 featuring Amy Savin, a Canadian born singer songwriter artist and performer from Michigan.

Amp’d Interview: Brothers McClurg

In late February of this year, Joe sat down with Anthony and Chris Hoisington (and bevy of other fine individuals) and enjoyed an extended conversation with the group known as Brothers McClurg.

Shut Up and Listen 2: John Sowers

Hey, it’s you again! So glad you dropped by for the second episode of our newest podcast, “Shut Up and Listen”. Our gregarious host, Jim Gray, hits the phone lines this week for a conversation with author and speaker John Sowers.

Amp’d Interview: Drew Ley

The Amp’d Interview is back after a brief hiatus. Back in January, we were introduced to Drew Ley (pronounced like “lye”) by our good friend Chris Olson, who communicated to us his enthusiasm for Drew’s forthcoming EP, Anchor.

Recapturing Your Lost Time with Jessica Turner

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a full episode. But, hey, what can we say? We’ve been busy. Enter Jessica Turner – a woman with a list of jobs the length of your arm – to provide some perspective and practical know-how about making the most of your time and – most importantly – taking care of yourself.

Shut Up and Listen 1: Robb Overholt

Thank you for joining us for the inaugural episode of Shut Up and Listen with Jim Gray. Shut Up represents our latest interview form – a raw, unedited connection with talented people engaged in all facets of Christian creativity. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy what is the first of many to come.

Wise Words 35: Sarah Emerson

A few weeks ago we visited with our good friend Sarah Emerson for an Amp’d Interview where she shared with us the What Joy Project. For this week’s Wise Words, we ask Sarah about the release of her album two years ago and how she determined whether it should be released as a Christian or secular work.

Amp’d Interview: Bonnie Gray, Part 2

Thanks to you all for making Part 1 of our interview with Bonnie Gray one of the most popular ever on Frequency. For Part 2, we learn about her recent collaboration with visual artist Dee Kasberger of www.RedLetterWords.com, which quickly transitions into a discussion of current culture and its behavior towards artists.

Amp’d Interview: Bonnie Gray, Part 1

Last year, Bonnie Gray came to our attention by way of her excellent memoir-driven book, Finding Spiritual Whitespace. Our contributor, Mark Newton, loved it and wrote a glowing review. We followed up shortly thereafter with a two-part written interview. When offered the chance to catch up with Bonnie last week, we jumped at it.

Amp’d Interview: Skylar Kaylyn

In the middle of the December, 2014, an email arrived in the Frequency inbox from a young singer/songwriter by the name of Skylar Kaylyn. Before we ever listened to music from her sophomore release, In My Head, she had our interest. Why? Well, you’d better click through to find out…

Wise Words 34: Tim Timmons

Almost a year ago – to the day – we published Episode 13 of the podcast and featured an interview with worship leader and Essential Worship artist, Tim Timmons. We hand-picked this excerpt which speaks to the importance of honoring the calling God has set upon on even whilst making a living as an artist.

The Many Facets of Drew Brown

It’s 2015, and we’re back with another stellar episode of the Frequency podcast.  We’re elated to share with you an interview (conducted by Dan!) with the talented and diverse Drew Brown.

Amp’d Interview: Sarah Emerson

In our latest entry of our new interview series, artist Sarah Emerson discusses the What Joy Project and how you can get involved. Listen in…

Wise Words 33: Jason Gray

Happy New Year, All! Welcome to our first post of 2015. We trust that you are already working hard on plans to realize the ambitious goals you’ve established for the coming 12 months. We’re kicking things off with some great perspective from Jason Gray via an excerpt from a 2012 Songwriters Cafe interview.

Christian Musician Summit Northwest Highlights

As you are no doubt aware, we were fortunate to spend some time amongst fellow creatives at Christian Musician Summit NW last month. Our joint efforts with Worship Ministry Catalyst resulted in 40+ interviews. For this special episode, our 28th full podcast, Dan and Joe share a few of their favorites from among the artists and contributors.

Wise Words 32: Don Moen

A few weeks ago, our buddies at Worship Ministry Catalyst interviewed legendary singer/songwriter/producer, Don Moen. The resulting conversation was a great one, and they were very kind to allow us to extract from it a choice excerpt to share with you all.

Wise Words 31: Drew Brown

In a few weeks, we’ll be featuring acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Drew Brown in a feature interview. For now though, we wanted to tease you a bit with this excerpt. Drew talks about tension in art – specifically music – and why he appreciates and even seeks it out.

Amp’d Interview: Sarah (and Eben) Brusco

We introduce you to Sarah Brusco, a worship leader and vocalist hailing from Augusta, Georgia – by way of Ireland and Columbus, Ohio. Not too far in the background you’ll find her husband, Eben – coffee cup in hand.

Amp’d Interview: Ross King

We were excited to learn that our buddy Ross King just released a four-song Christmas EP titled Come and See. It seemed only appropriate to bring him on for a quick Amp’d Interview to chat a bit about it – and especially to learn more about Joe’s favorite track, “God With Us”.

Wise Words 30: Walking On Water, Part 3

We’re wrapping up our short series of readings from Madeleine L’Engle’s classic Walking On Water: Reflections on Faith and Art. We’ve save the best for last as we discuss the meaning of Kairos and who it applies to us as Christian creatives.

Amp’d Interview: Jen Haugland

Jen Haugland is an artist that is occasionally referenced on Frequency.  She introduced us to Dave Cleveland last year at CMS NW 2013.  This led us to Dave's sister, J.C. Mason and an interview regarding Steadfast Trail, her equestrian ministry.  This year we...

Lightning Interview: Dave Cleveland

During our trip to Christian Musician Summit 2014, we conducted nearly 40 Lightning Interviews that included attendees, artists, and exhibitors, including this great one with Dave Cleveland. Dave may not be a household name to folks outside of Nashville, but he is the “go to” session guitar player in Nashville and one of the most gifted guitarists on the planet.

Wise Words 29: Walking On Water, Part 2

We’re finally home from CMS NW 2014 and catching up on our regular work at the Frequency home office. We continue our series of excerpts from the Madeleine L’Engle’s classic Walking On Water: Reflections on Faith and Art.

Kingdom by CFN Worship: A Special Review and Interview

Today, November 11, 2014, Christ for Nations Worship releases their 40th live album recording, Kingdom. We are blessed at Frequency to boast that two of our contributors – Jessica Collins and Gabriel Allred – were key participants in this landmark release for this venerable institution.

Robbie Seay: Passionate, Pragmatic and Independent

Back when Frequency was in its infancy, there were a few names we scribbled on a (figurative) napkin that represented artists we wanted to interview. Amongst those names was Robbie Seay of the Robbie Seay Band. Joe sat down with Robbie last month which resulted in a conversation that should be considered compulsory for all aspiring musicians.

Wise Words 28: Walking On Water

We’re trying something a little different over the course of the next few weeks. At the suggestion of our friend and Episode 3 guest, Mandy Thompson, we are going to read selected passages from Madeleine L’Engle’s classic book Walking On Water: Reflections on Faith and Art.

Wise Words 27: Nick De Partee

Congratulations to Nick and Ally on their beautiful little man, Amos. And – oh yeah – don’t forget to listen to some solid thoughts from Nick on being true to your artistic identify.

Wise Words 26: Sarah MacIntosh

Returning to our roots again this week, we feature an excerpt from an interview with singer/songwriter Sarah MacIntosh that was recorded for The Songwriter’s Cafe back in 2012 on the heels of the release of her excellent album, Current.

Wise Words 25: Jessica Campbell

We like to think of Jessica Campbell as truly representative of the discipline and self-determination it takes to be successful in navigating the Nashville Hustle as an independent artist. For this installment, we’re sharing an excerpt from Episode 19 during which Jessica discusses the divide between amateur and professional indie music and how to bridge that divide.

Daniel Darling: At the Intersection of Faith and Culture

We’re always excited when Dan takes a turn in the interviewers chair, and Episode 26 is just such an occasion. We had the unique opportunity to engage with pastor and author Daniel Darling, who also happens to be the Vice President for Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Wise Words 24: Preston Sprinkle

Last year, we had an engaging conversation in Episode 9 with author Preston Sprinkle. We have been impressed with the discipline and rigor required to research and write a book that is complete, compelling, and readable. In this excerpt, Preston shares two approaches he employs to improve his work.

Wise Words 23: Robbie Seay

Last week, Joe sat down with Robbie Seay to chat about their upcoming Psalms LP. In this excerpt from that forthcoming interview, they discuss his work as a producer and the associated interaction with other independent artists.

Wise Words 22: Emily Freeman

Without question, our Episode 12 interview with Emily Freeman is the among the most popular we’ve produced. Her book A Million Little Ways is a must for the Christian artist. In this excerpt, Emily discusses how being moved by an artist’s work may be less about the medium itself than the heart of the artist’s delivery.

In Search of Home with Emily T. Wierenga

Our contributor Mark Newton loved Emily T. Wierenga’s striking memoir, Atlas Girl and said as much in his review. So when presented with the opportunity to chat with the author herself, we jumped at it. The result is an engaging conversation that examines the book’s central theme of finding home.

Wise Words 21: Mandy Thompson

One of our first guests was mixed media artist Mandy Thompson. In this week’s installment, we feature an excerpt from our Episode 3 interview with Mandy where she discusses the need to create and protect a space in which creativity can occur.

Q&A with Bonnie Gray, Part 2

Today, we continue the conversation with author Bonnie Gray that began yesterday with Part 1.  In our second installment, Bonnie continues to discuss her latest work, Finding Spiritual Whitespace.  She explains Spiritual Whitespace for the workaholic and addresses the...

Q&A with Bonnie Gray, Part 1

One of our favorite reads of late has been Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray (see our review here).  In fact, we appreciated it enough that we invited Bonnie to respond to a few questions from contributor Mark Newton.  The result is a two-part Q&A interview...

Wise Words 20: Ross King

Way back in Wise Words 4, we featured part of conversation with Ross King regarding some hard truths associated with the music industry. In our latest installment, Ross addresses more of the reality of life as a music professional.

Nick De Partee Steps Out In Faith

When we posted Wise Words 11 back in July, we had no idea it would lead to this. That installment referenced a two-year old conversation with Nick De Partee, perhaps best known as lead guitar for Kutless. Shortly thereafter, Nick was in touch and suggested we connect and catch up. We’re certainly glad we did, and you will be, too.

Wise Words 19: Daniel Darling

We’re back from our brief Wise Words sabbatical in order to bring you a great excerpt from our forthcoming interview with pastor, author, and speaker Daniel Darling.

The Church Growth Hacking Podcast – Goodberry Interviews Frequency.fm

A few months ago, Joe and Dan had the opportunity to be interviewed by the fine folks at Goodberry.Net, a podcast and blog of the world’s largest Christian DVD, book and Bible study lending service. They interviewed us to find out how we made our start in podcasting, some background information on who we are and what our goal and purpose is as a non-profit content and media outlet.

CRU, Culture, and Comics with Matt Mikalatos

We continue our conversation with author Matt Mikalatos in Episode 23. Transitioning from the discussion of his latest work, Matt and Joe discuss his writing style and how that is informed by his day job work for CRU, formally known as Campus Crusades for Christ. This quickly becomes a discussion of culture and evangelism. And just for fun, we wrap up with a discussion of graphic novels and comic books.

Wise Words 18: Christa Wells

A couple of weeks ago, we were shocked (shocked!) to learn that our friend, Christa Wells, had initiated a new Kickstarter campaign – this time to fund a project featuring covers of songs from the late ’80s and early ’90s. Obviously, we took this opportunity to catch up a bit and record a quick Wise Words.

Wise Words 17: Paul Herman of CCLI

Our 17th installment features CCLI Marketing Director Paul Herman. He has remarkable perspective on the landscape of worship music and what it takes for a song to resonate with the Church. Queue this up now…

Wise Words 16: John Hollingsworth

In this episode of Wise Words, we feature a short excerpt from Podcast Episode 21 where John Hollingsworth from The Fidgets, a Canadian Comedy Troupe talks about a key ingredient to ensuring you will always be hired (and re-hired for that matter) in the comedy business especially.

Matt Mikalatos Offers a Fresh Take on Scripture

We’ve been angling to interview author Matt Mikalatos almost since Frequency’s inception. When we found out he had a new book out, we were quick to jump into action. In our 22nd episode, we offer the first part of our conversation with the Northwest native and dig into his latest offering: The First Time We Saw Him: Awakening to the Wonder of Jesus.

Wise Words 15: Shannon Walker

This week’s Wise Words is mined from podcast Episode 8 and features thoughts from Integrity Music publicist Shannon Walker about one aspect of her job: setting appropriate expectations with artists and providing perspective regarding success.

Wise Words 14: Gabriel Allred

New father and perennial guest Gabriel Allred provides our insight for the week in our 14th installment. This clip – a great discussion about the nature of worship – is a cutting room floor casualty from an interview conducted in 2012.

Wise Words 13: Cindy Wilt Colville

In this special installment, we continue our focus on the lovely Cindy Wilt Colville whose journey came to close earlier this month. Cindy was a CCM veteran with more than 25 years invested in the Christian music industry.

The Fidgets – Clean Canadian Comedy

If you like the smash hit “Whose Line Is It Anyway™” starring Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady and others, you’ll love The Fidgets! Since 1989, John Hollingsworth (and his troupe) have been performing improvisational comedy on many stages across Canada and the United States. For episode 21, we had the opportunity to speak with John and talk about the industry, the art and craft of comedy, some funny circumstances and even some tricks of the trade.

Wise Words 12: David Zach of Remedy Drive

Continuing from Wise Words 11 last week, we snagged another gem from our Songwriters Cafe days. In this installment, we hear from David Zach, front man for Remedy Drive.

Review Round-Up: No Other Name by Hillsong Worship

As one can attest from their April 24 take over of 21 digital billboards in NYC’s Times Square, no one is going to accuse Hillsong Worship (nee Hillsong Live) of being understated or subtle – well, at least in terms of promotion. After such a bold statement, can Hillsong Worship can deliver the goods with their latest offering, No Other Name? We set loose contributor Jessica Collins to find out.

Wise Words 11: Nick de Partee of Kutless

Late January 2012, Joe was offered the opportunity to interview Nick de Partee of Kutless for The Songwriters Cafe as part of the promotion of their 2012 release, Believer. This week’s Wise Words installment – our 11th – is an excerpt from that conversation.

Daniel Hill – Celebration and Tension

Leading up to the release of his first book, 10:10: Life to the Fullest, our Episode 20 guest, Daniel Hill, blogged about the conflict that exists for many Christian artists: self-promotion versus Christ-like humility. This ultimately led to a great conversation about the journey of his book release as well as digging into the themes of 10:10: faith, fear, and fulfillment.

Wise Words 10: Don Poythress

One of our favorite interviews – and a bit of an undiscovered gem – is from Episode 11 featuring Don Poythress. In our humble opinion, that conversation should be mandatory listening for all aspiring songwriters.

Wise Words 9: Sara Beth Go

We finally sat down to interview Sara Beth Go yesterday, and, while we won’t be airing the full interview for a few weeks, we couldn’t resist sharing this gem from the conversation in our 9th installment of Wise Words.

Wise Words 8: Phil Long

One of our most popular episodes, Episode 4, featured an interview with spoken word artist, Phil Long. And when you listen to Wise Words 8, it will quickly become evident why.

Wise Words 7: Richie Fike

We reached into the archives - going all the way back to Episode 1 with Richie Fike - for our weekly dose of wisdom.  Richie really set the standard when it comes to speaking to other artists and encouraging them to learn from his journey. He and his wife Dana are...

Jessica Campbell – Indie Done Right

We’ve been chatting a lot about this interview with our Episode 19 guest. Jessica Campbell is a critically-acclaimed indie singer/songwriter based in Nashville. Her 2013 release The Anchor & the Sail was not only well-received but songs have been frequency featured in media – including a nod in USA Today for her song “Gone”.

Wise Words 6: Christa Wells

Here at Frequency headquarters, we occasionally like to joke that no artist is allowed to appear on the site or podcast feed without first demonstrating that they have an established relationship with Christa Wells.  The fact is, though, that she is a thoughtful and...

Wise Words 5: Travis Thrasher

We have a super-size installment of Wise Words for you this week. Effectively, this means it's an eight-minute episode rather than a four-minute episode.  We caught up with our friend, Travis Thrasher, an author who spent 13-years working in the publishing industry...

Wise Words 4: Ross King

It’s time for the fourth installment of our Wise Words series of mini-posts.  Joe connected with Ross King, our guest on Episode 10.  Ross had recently shared via Twitter a post addressing some hard truths associated with the music industry: What People Don’t Want to...

Podcast Episode 17 – Interview with Gabriel Allred

For those of you thought it would never arrive, that it was a mythical creature like a unicorn or a Texas Democrat, we are ridiculously thrilled to present you with the long-awaited Gabriel Allred interview.  To bring you up-to-date, we interviewed Gabe on Halloween...

Podcast Episode 16 – Interview with Claire Díaz-Ortiz

For our latest full episode of the podcast, we're pleased to feature guest Claire Díaz-Ortiz.  Some of you may already be familiar with Claire as an author, speaker, and technology innovator who has been named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast...

Wise Words 3: Gabriel Allred

Here is episode 3 of our Wise Words series of mini-posts featuring Gabriel Allred. Your response has been great so we're going to take you right to this next episode.  We have two more episodes before the full interview so stay tuned! For more information on Gabriel...

Wise Words 2: Gabriel Allred

Last week, we introduced our Wise Words series of mini-posts featuring Gabriel Allred, and your response was great.  Now that Joe has (finally) completed his edit of the interview with Gabriel, we can confidently report that this will be a five-episode series.  So, we...

Podcast Episode 15 – Interview with Jim Gray

Great to have you with us for Episode 15!  There are many cools things happening at Frequency.fm in 2014, and we're blessed to be able to share another excellent interview with you - the singularly stupendous, social media Jedi, Jim Gray.  Set aside a little drive...

Ellie Holcomb: Humor, Humility, and Vulnerability

Earlier this week, our guest’s first full length album, As Sure as the Sun, was released and quickly scaled the iTunes charts – ultimately reaching #1 on Christian & Gospel charts and #8 on the overall albums charts. To reach that level as a Christian artist is remarkable, but to do so as an independent artist for one’s first major release is unheard of. So Tuesday afternoon, the very generous Ellie Holcomb took time out of release day craziness to talk to Joe…

Tim Timmons: Varsity American Christian

It's time for Episode 13, our first of 2014.  As I'm sure you also experienced, the holidays kept us hopping, and we're just now coming out from under the weight of it all.  We're excited to share an engaging conversation with worship leader and Essential Worship...

Interview with JC Mason

Occasionally God provides the unique opportunity to connect with a compelling artist that otherwise may never have pinged our radar.  Worship leader JC Mason is just such an artist.  Similar to Nathan White, JC has chosen to use her creativity as an instrument to...

Emily P. Freeman’s Heart for Artists

The holidays are in full swing, and we're excited about the season.   We're also pretty stoked about Episode 12. Our guest is author Emily P. Freeman, author of Grace for the Good Girl and the recently published A Million Little Ways, a book that - if you've read our...

Interview with The Sonflowerz

Indie sister duo The Sonflowerz , known for their worshipful and inspiring pop songs, have been ministering together since their own teen years.  2013 has been a busy year for the the Colorado-based sisters, Elissa Leander Tipps and Becca Leander Nicholson.  Following...

Don Poythress – Genuine and Generous

GMA award-winning songwriter Don Poythress is one of the most talented and prolific writers working country and Christian music today. Ask anyone with whom he’s worked, and they’ll also tell you he is one of the most genuine and generous folks around.

Podcast Episode 10 – Interview with Ross King

Welcome to our (somewhat delayed) 10th episode of the Frequency podcast.  Our guest, Ross King, is a veteran of the Christian music scene.  His songs have been recorded by over 100 different artists, and he himself has been making records since 1995.  His latest...

Check-In with Travis Thrasher

Our guest from Episode 5, Travis Thrasher, has had a busy year.  At the time we spoke to him this past spring, he was promoting the release of his novelization of Home Run - just a few months after publishing the fourth and final book in the Solitary Tales...

Podcast Episode 9 – Interview with Preston Sprinkle

 Another week, another excellent interview guest. We hardly give you a chance to breathe before another one comes around.  We hope you are enjoying the pace... For Episode 9, we welcome professor, speaker, and author Preston Sprinkle.  With his latest work,  Fight: A...

Podcast Episode 8 – Shannon Walker and Lisa Beech

For Episode 8, we take you behind the scenes to meet Shannon Walker of Integrity Music and Lisa Beech of David C. Cook.  While you might not recognize the names, these are two hard-working publicists who do their utmost for the artists they represent.  Artists: this...

Podcast Episode 7 – Interview with Christa Wells

Welcome to Episode 7!  We’re blessed to welcome singer/songwriter Christa Wells to the podcast.  Christa may be best known as the writer of Natalie Grant's hit song "Held" and the Gospel Music Association's 2006 Songwriter of the Year.  Christa has also written for...

Podcast Episode 6 – Interview with Peyton Jones

Episode 6 is here!  We’re very excited to feature author Peyton Jones as our guest.  Peyton Jones is founding coach of New Breed Church Planting UK/USA. He has worked as a tentmaker, a firefighter, factory worker, and psychiatric nurse, bringing all these experiences...

Interview with Caroline Cobb – Singer/Songwriter

Indie artist, Caroline Cobb, recently released her third album,  The Blood + the Breath,  an ambitious and well-constructed concept album.  It has been met with general critical acclaim and impressive sales.  Caroline is a singer/songwriter, and full time stay-at-home...

Home Run Book Giveaway by Travis Thrasher

For you podcast listeners, you’re likely aware that Travis Thrasher recently graced us with his presence and shared with us some of his experience writing the novelization of the movie, Home Run.  And, because Travis is such a generous guy, he offered to help us give...

Interview with Graham Kendrick – Worship Duets

Integrity Music | For more than 30 years, worship leader and songwriter Graham Kendrick has been at the forefront of Christian music in the United Kingdom, crafting songs such as “Shine Jesus Shine,” “The Servant King,” and “Amazing Love” that have inspired worshipers...

Podcast Episode 5 – Interview with Travis Thrasher

Holy cow!  At long last, Episode 5 is finally here.  You can catch our excuses on the podcast, but needless to say, it’s been a busy season for both our hosts.  We’re just glad to be back and to have you here with us. We’re very excited to feature author Travis...

Interview with Evan Dunn – Poet/Artist/Performer

  Joe Brookhouse recently connected with poet, artist and performer Evan Dunn. Evan touches on his heart and passion for poetry and the realities of sharing publicly in both Christian and secular environments. He also shares what it means to be a poet in the realm of...

Interview with Nathan White – Singer/Songwriter

Joe Brookhouse recently connected with songwriter and theologian Nathan White and his most recent project: an album to be released in partnership with Living Bread Ministries. Nathan touches on his vision for the album, how his recent study of church and mission has...

Podcast Episode 4 – Interview with Phil Long

Thanks for joining us for Episode 4 of the podcast. In this episode, we feature poet, artist, actor and founder of The Sacrificial Poet Project, Phil Long (aka LiarLunatic). Phil wears many hats and is both a "poetry slam" artist and an advocate for new talent in the...

Podcast Episode 3 – Interview with Mandy Thompson

Thanks for joining us for Episode 3 of the Frequency.FM podcast.  In this episode, we interview mixed media artist, songwriter and creative Mandy Thompson. The conversation delves into the day-to-day realities of life as an artist, her perspective on how to deal with...

Podcast Episode 2 – Interview with Richie Fike (Part 2 of 2)

Thanks for joining us for Episode 2 of the Frequency podcast and the second part of our conversation with Richie Fike.  If you missed Part 1 and you want a full introduction to Richie, you can find it here. For Part 2, Richie very frankly shares how eye-opening and...

Audio Review of Christine D’Clario – Deeper

If you haven’t heard Christine D’Clario’s name before, it’s probably because she’s best known for her preceding Spanish-language albums. Look for that to change with the arrival of Deeper, her first collection of English-language songs. Deeper is a quality release laden with songs ready to deploy in your next worship set.

Podcast Episode 1 – Interview with Richie Fike (Part 1 of 2)

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Frequency podcast! We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to join us – we hope you find it both entertaining and insightful. For our first show, we’ve invited a special guest: Richie Fike, singer, prolific songwriter, worship leader, and recording artist. Richie, along with his wife Dana, form Fike, a Colorado-based worship band.

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