Pastor DanLeading up to the release of his first book, 10:10: Life to the Fullest, our Episode 20 guest, Daniel Hill, blogged about the conflict that exists for many Christian artists: self-promotion versus Christ-like humility.  It caught our attention, and we shared it immediately.  This ultimately led to a great conversation about the journey of his book release as well as digging into the themes of 10:10: faith, fear, and fulfillment.hill_1010_wSpine.indd

Daniel Hill is the pastor of River City Community Church, a multi-ethnic church in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.  As a pastor’s kid, he was was initially drawn to the business world but migrated ultimately to work in ministry.  Our interview with Daniel explores 10:10, his anti-marketing strategy to promoting the book, the innately superficial nature of establishing a platform, and the need for artists to maintain their integrity in both creating and sharing their work.  

David_Dunn_Crystal_Clear_CoverThis episode features songs from David Dunn’s forthcoming EP, Crystal Clear.  The album is David’s debut and is scheduled for release July 15 by BEC recordings.  It is available for preorder using the provided link.  Learn more about David and  Crystal Clear on BEC’s official album page.

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