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Welcms logocome attendees of Christian Musician Summit Northwest!  We’re excited that you were able to join us, and we’re excited to be teaming with our friends from Worship Ministry Catalyst as exhibitors this year.

We encourage you visit co-host Joe Brookhouse at the booth along with Kevin Kruse from WMC.  Sign up for a giveaway, make a statement with a Lightning Interview, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast.

If you’re not familiar with us, Frequency.FM is a site featuring Christian artists across all mediums. The team at Frequency feels that artist features can be more than music and can delve into areas beyond the evident surface. Rather, we intend engage artists from all walks, discussing life, faith, and their passions.

CMS NW Lightning Interviews

Come by the booth and sit down for a lightning interview with Kevin or Joe.  Find your favorite interview and “Like” it.  If you run into that person at the conference, make sure to say “hey”.  We’ll draw from participants for a number of giveaways during the conference.

Robbie Seay: Passionate, Pragmatic and Independent

Back when Frequency was in its infancy, there were a few names we scribbled on a (figurative) napkin that represented artists we wanted to interview. Amongst those names was Robbie Seay of the Robbie Seay Band.

Don Poythress: Genuine and Generous

GMA award-winning songwriter Don Poythress is one of the most talented and prolific writers working country and Christian music today.  Ask anyone with whom he’s worked, and they’ll also tell you he is one of the most genuine and generous folks around.

Tim Timmons: Varsity American Christian

In this engaging conversation with worship leader and Essential Worship artist, Tim Timmons discusses the effort required to support the album while raising a young family, the fine balance between self-promotion and pursuing the mission of his ministry, and how living with cancer influences his art and engagement with people.

Ellie Holcomb: Humor, Humility, and Vulnerability

Indie veteran Ellie Holcomb took some time out of the craziness of her album release day to share with us.  Learn about her passion for sharing Christ with youth, how life’s valleys influence her songwriting, and (gasp!) the possibility of a sophomore album.

Tips for New Christian Artists

Over the past few years, we have had the extreme blessing of connecting with, reviewing, encouraging and even participating with many new Christian music artists. Here are some quick tips for any new artists starting to try to get noticed in the ever expanding pool of “indie” music and the long climb through the recognition ranks of fellow artists and labels.

How To Love Your Independent Artist (Pt.1)

A guest post from indie darling, Christa Wells, where she provides a peek behind the curtains into the life of fairly odd creatives like me.  Because you care, you want to understand our hearts, joys and struggles.

Your Baby's Ugly

As artists, it is frightening yet absolutely necessary to regularly elicit honest feedback about our work.  While we yearn for acceptance, we also strive to continually challenge ourselves to even greater heights in our creative expression.  At the same time, being in the position of evaluator/critic can be equally daunting – especially when doing so for a fellow Christian artist.

Confrontation and the Bubonic Plague, Part 1

Contributor and frequency guest, Gabriel Allred gets real when it comes to confrontation – when it should happen and when it must happen.

When I sat down (via the magic of the internet) with Joe Brookhouse of Frequency, I expected to answer some questions about my book, my faith, and my art. What I didn’t expect was the conversation that followed. Joe is thoughtful, prepared, and engaging and that interview remains one of my most memorable and enjoyable during the flurry of the book launch. I’m a huge fan of Frequency FM and it’s an honor to support the great work they do

Emily P. Freeman

Author of A Million Little Ways ,

I look forward to every new podcast that comes out from the great guys at! I love the variety of people that they feature, the questions they ask, the song clips they showcase, and the fun that Joe & Dan have together! This is a podcast that feeds my artist-heart and I am SO incredibly thankful to have it available to me through itunes!

Hannah Starn

Frequency Listener

When my baby girl Eden was in NICU in St. Paul Minnesota, I had a scheduled interview with Dan Thomson and Joe Brookhouse over at the Frequency Podcast.  This Podcast is top notch for artists and authors and because I didn’t want to miss it, the guys graciously allowed me to call in over Google Voice and risk their studio quality sound.

In the end, I’m glad they did because it turned out to be the best interview I’ve done.  Joe knocked the ball outta the park with his insightful questions.  I’m sharing it with you because we went places Church Zero didn’t go, and I want to take you with us.

Peyton Jones

New Breed Church Planting

2 Minute Music Review – “A Million Lights” by Michael W. Smith

Where things fall off the rails is in originality and lyrical content. The song, if written and released under any other name, would not have reached the critical acclaim or widespread success it seems to have achieved. Let’s be honest. Would it reach CCM radio? Absolutely. Why? Because it feels good, it sounds good and it challenges nothing. 

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Review Roundup: Citizens & Saints – A Mirror Dimly

Extraordinary art is occasionally birthed out of journeys in the deepest valleys.  And while we wish it were otherwise, one does not necessarily need to look too far to encounter a collapse in the church that shakes our faith.  For Citizens & Saints, it was the fall...

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Album Review – Worship & Believe by Steven Curtis Chapman

Multi-platinum five time Grammy Award winner Steven Curtis Chapman is set to release his latest project on March 4th, 2016. While Chapman contends that all of his records have been worship albums, he had yet to write one specifically with corporate worship in mind. Over the span of an almost 30 year career and 23 studio albums, this is Chapman’s first “Worship” album.

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Review Roundup: Passion 2016 – Salvation’s Tide is Rising

The latest and 18th Passion album entitled, “Passion – Salvation’s Tide is Rising,” features Sixstepsrecord artists including Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Melodie Malone, Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, and Christy Nockles. The album has skyrocketed to the pinnacle of the itunes top Christian Albums chart and on January 5th it held the number 3 spot on iTunes album sales right behind Adele’s 25 making it the most popular Christian act in the world.

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Wise Words 21: Mandy Thompson

The songwriter and multimedia artist addresses head-on the importance of being present as a creative.

Wise Words 13: Cindy Wilt Colville

A fierce advocate for the Christian songwriter, Cindy Wilt-Colville addresses the challenges of developing a great song.

Wise Words 8: Phil Long

Spoken word artist Phil Long addresses the “laziness of language” in the Christian arts scene.

Wise Words 17: Paul Herman

The CCLI Marketing Director takes on divine song attribution and what it might look like when God anoints a song.

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