If you haven’t heard Christine D’Clario’s name before, it’s probably because she’s best known for her preceding Spanish-language albums.  Look for that to change with the arrival of Deeper, her first collection of English-language songs.  Deeper is a quality release laden with songs ready to deploy in your next worship set.

Latin American worship leader D’Clario is a stand-out vocalist and song interpreter – she knows how to make a song her own.  Her delivery is passionate without distracting and professional without conceding authenticity.

Deeper doesn’t deliver much in the way of surprises; however, it’s difficult to find a reason to complain – the selection of songs is impeccable and D’Clario’s delivery is pitch-perfect.  When the album launches with the requisite high-energy call to worship (“Reign”), rather than rolling your eyes, you are drawn in by the infectious and memorable chorus.

“Faithfulness”, a duet with Anthony Skinner, is perhaps the heart of this album.  Skinner’s aching, poignant voice is expertly juxtaposed against D’Clario’s, resulting in a song that communicates reverence that is both personal and communal.

While the production is broadly appealing, it’s also quite safe and by-the-numbers.  I would love to have seen a few risks in order to further differentiate Deeper from other worship offerings.  Still, it bears up well to repeat listens and even rewards by displaying a greater depth.

Despite being a bit predictable, Deeper delivers a set of solid worship songs that doesn’t oversell that fact. As a worship leader, I recognize these are songs with direct application in the church.  At the same time, it’s also possible to appreciate the album from the perspective of personal devotion.

For: Worship leaders looking for solid, new material; anyone who appreciates well-crafted, inspirational music.

Christine D’Clario and Richie Fike introducing “Father of Mine” shortly after writing it in April 2012.

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