Kathryn3CDSo we must share a few admissions before proceeding.  First to acknowledge that, though we’ve branded this an Amp’d Interview, it was conducted at Christian Musician Summit NW 2015.  Second, this interview is a bit of a indulgence for us, because Joe very specifically wanted to spend time understanding Kathyrn’s upbringing in Ireland amidst the turmoil of civil unrest.  And third, this interview was actually quite a bit longer, but Joe’s MacBook decided it was too tired to carry on after 20 minutes.  So, if the interview seems to end a bit abruptly, you’ll understand why.

Regardless, this is a special interview with a the lovely and gracious, Kathyrn Scott: an influential singer, songwriter, and worship artist.  She generously delves into her past to discuss her childhood and how it has influenced her artistry.  And you must listen to this interview if for no other reason than to appreciate the beauty of the Irish lilt.

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