Hope the summer is treating you well. Wise Words is back with a vengeance.  OK, well perhaps that was a bit dramatic.  Needless to say, we’re excited to bring you Wise Words 36 featuring BEC recording artist David Dunn.  This excerpt represents a teaser of the forthcoming full interview with David in which he discusses necessary humility inherent to the artist’s journey.  Great stuff!

For more information on David Dunn, visit:

Other notes:

  • David’s latest album, Crystal Clear, was released June 23rd.  Pick it up now.
  • We have lots of new interviews in the hopper, including more episodes of Shut Up and Listen, a chat with photographer Dawn Camp, songwriter Brad Guldemonde, and, of course, the full David Dunn interview.
  • Travis Thrasher has been busy writing and posted several new installments of The Hinterlands Saga.  Head on over and catch up.
  • If you have minutes to spare, get over to our Wise Words page to listen to more creative insight: https://www.frequency.fm/wisewords/
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