whatjoyteamA few weeks ago we visited with our good friend Sarah Emerson for an Amp’d Interview where she shared with us the What Joy Project.  For this week’s Wise Words, we ask Sarah about the release of her album two years ago and how she determined whether it should be released as a Christian or secular work.  It’s something than many artists question as they consider where their work will have the most impact.

We also promised to update you when we had new information on the project launch.  Here’s what we know:  The launch is March 21st , and the launch party will be held at Urban Hardwoods in downtown Seattle – for those of you who live the Northwest or are interested in travel.  Tickets are $35 and go sale February 20th with proceeds given to What Joy Project after costs.

By the way, Sarah shared with us the following short note:


Thank you so much for the support!

We are excited to announce the What Joy Project Campaign launches March 21st. First in Seattle, then all over the world via the internet and Social Media. As hundreds and thousands of people give of time, talent, and finance…together we will build a dormitory in Uganda for orphans who need a place to sleep at Destiny Orphanage and Boarding School.

Thank you,


Quick Links for the What Joy Project:

Other notes:

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