jasongrayHappy New Year, All!  Welcome to our first post of 2015.  We trust that you are already working hard on plans to realize the ambitious goals you’ve established for the coming 12 months.  We’re kicking things off with some great perspective from Jason Gray via an excerpt from a 2012 Songwriters Cafe interview.

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Other notes:

  • The excerpt is from the folks at Kingdom Songs (formally The Songwriters Cafe).  Be sure to check them out at www.kingdomsongs.org
  • We are pleased to say that the full interview is still available on YouTube. It’s an early one conducted by Joe, so he may not be that awesome:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOEhzUcDo6Y
  • There are some ridiculously cool and exciting things coming down the pike this year.  We’ll be sharing with you soon.
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