Walking on Water 2We’re wrapping up our short series of readings from Madeleine L’Engle’s classic Walking On Water: Reflections on Faith and Art.  We’ve save the best for last as we discuss the meaning of Kairos and who it applies to us as Christian creatives.  We offer a hearty “thank you” to Mandy Thompson, our Episode 3 guest who made the initial recommendation.  The response has been great, and we’ll be sure to incorporate similar readings into future Wise Words installments.

Other notes:

  • Don’t miss our latest interview format: the Amp’d Interview.  This is a shorter format that is distinct from the feature interviews that are offered in our regular podcast episodes.  The Amp’d Interview allows us to engage with more artists and to publish interviews more frequently and outside our normal podcast cycle.  Our first – with recording artist Jen Haugland – was published over the long weekend.
  • Our friends at Worship Ministry Catalyst just published their interview with the great Don Moen. Why not sneak over there for a quick listen?
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