MandyLookingUpThanks for tuning in to the fourth and final installment of The Chase with Mandy Thompson.   We hope that you’ve found this to be the blessing that we have.  We encourage you to visit Mandy’s site, engage with her on social media, and explore some of her wonderful creative output that’s posted right here in our Frequency Gallery.

We think Mandy saved the best for last: Creative Play.  So what does that mean?  Simply stated, you need to give yourself permission to put your brain on hold (to a certain extent) and explore secondary areas of creativity, places where you can have fun and recharge.  It’s an area where too many creatives short-change themselves.  And it’s also quite easy for people outside the creative realm to assume that art IS play.  Well, it can be, but it certainly isn’t.

Press “Play” and let’s hear what Mandy’s perspective is…


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