The worship music market is rife with releases of re-imagined classic hymns, so is there room for one more?  After previewing The Hymns Collective: Session 1 (THC-1) from Integrity Music, our vote is “yes”.  Set upon a folk backdrop, THC-1 delivers 12 roots-inspired tracks for personal worship and devotion time.  Reflective without lacking dynamics or becoming tedious, this collection will draw you in from the first notes of Track 1, “Love Lifted Me (Jesus Saves)”.

While featuring artists from within the Integrity stable, it’s notable that they have tapped a handful of independent voices to deliver the goods, and – not to short the guys – the women really dominate this release.  Katelyn Clampett and Savannah Ellis lead the way with “Love Lifted Me” and “Love, You Never Let Me Go”.  And Katie Gustafson is a real standout (check out her 2012 EP Introducing Katie GustafsonKingsway) – be sure to catch her rendition of “According To Thy Gracious Word” and her duet with Chris Weningar, “This I Know”.  There are a couple of weak entries, but all-in-all, this is worth plunking down some allowance money.

For: Everyone in need of quiet time for personal devotion

Action: Buy it.  The Hymns Collective: Session One

Highlights: “Love Lifted Me (Jesus Saves)”, “According To Thy Gracious Word”, “This I Know (There Is A Fountain)”

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