It seems that God never ceases to find unexpected and creative ways to introduce us to artists.  Such is the case with our guest today, Staci Frenes.  Staci is probably foremost a singer/songwriter with eight records under her belt whose music you may heard featured in movies and major network shows.  But she’s also a gifted writer who published her first book, Flourish: Cultivate Creativity. Sow Beauty. Live in Color. last year.  It’s a beautiful and inspiring collection of stories and insights that speaks into the hearts of Christian creatives everywhere.

Staci recently self-narrated and released the audiobook version of Flourish.  It was through this effort (and an email from our previous guest Shannon Walker) that she came to our attention.  After consuming the book and being thoroughly impressed with the expanse of Staci’s talent and her compassion for artists, Joe sat down with Staci to discuss the impetus behind Flourish and to gain some insight into the challenges behind giving voice to one’s own work.

Other notes:

  • Joe was live at CMS Northwest 2015 during the recording of this episode as evidenced by the noise in the background.  We recorded a ton of interviews, some of which you can currently find unedited on our SoundCloud page.  We’ll be releasing them into the podcast feed as we are able.
  • We recently discovered that our website host let us down again.  During a recent upgrade, about a dozen episodes were lost.  It took us a little bit to discover the issue and restore the files.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will re-double our efforts to complete our migration to SoundCloud.
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