Hey, it’s you again!  So glad you dropped by for the second episode of our newest podcast, “Shut Up and Listen”. Before going too far, we must acknowledge that our kids have admonished us for using words in the name of this podcast that they are not allowed to say – “because it’s rude”.  Gotta love ’em.

Our gregarious host, Jim Gray, hits the phone lines this week for a conversation with author and speaker John Sowers.  Here’s a little note from Jim about his history with our guest:

“I met John in 2010 for the first time in Portland, OR when he was getting ready to publish his first book.  John and I often randomly chat online about zombies and other geeky stuff.

Here is a message I received from John when he was visiting the White House for a meeting a few years ago:


John Sowers is President of The Mentoring Project.  Because of his work in the field of fatherhood and healthy families, John as been honored by The White House where he was received the President’s Champion of Change Award.  Additionally, CNN, Maria Shriver/NBCChristianity Today (profiled as an emerging young leader in their “Who’s Next” series), RELEVANT, Fox News KOKH and others have featured John and the story of the Mentoring Project.

John is also an author and frequent speaker, regularly advocating for positive role models and communities to invest in their own young people.  John’s first book, Fatherless Generation: Redeeming the Story, (HarperCollins, 2010) is a revamped popular approach to his doctoral work in the field of faith and fatherhood.  His most recent work, The Heroic Path: In Search of the Masculine Heart, (Hachette, 2014) explores a man’s journey towards manhood, uncertainty without masculine initiation and themes in history, literature and the bible that point towards how to overcome fear and walk towards love.  John also writes frequently on Storyline blog and his personal blog.

He enjoys remote places, knife making, mythopoeia and the Boston Red Sox. He is active on Twitter and Instagram as @johnsowers, and lives in Oklahoma City with his wife and two daughters.


The Shut Up & Listen Podcast features music by Kevin McCloud, “There It Is”.  More info can be found at

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