Sometimes artists are introduced to us through record labels, press releases or word of mouth. Other times, like in the case of Ross King – it was through a twitter conversation. We’re very thankful for the opportunity to be introduced to Ross King. Not only has he been a songwriter for many years, but he’s had the opportunity to share his gift with other artists such as Jimmy Needham, Todd Agnew, Benji CowartHeather WilliamsJustin Kintzel.

This Hope Will Guide Me” is a new release by Ross King and is very well written. Worship music is a hard genre to write in because there are so many preferences, theological directions you can go and lets be honest – many artists releasing worship songs and albums. Ross has done an outstanding job of building hooks, arrangements and styling around solid and thought provoking – as well as faith building lyrics. Ross has a dynamic voice and the musicianship and production effort in this release is evident.

This album is a definite recommendation for your music collection as well as your worship team repertoire. Look for an interview with Ross in the coming weeks!

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