In 2014, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett – the duo commonly referred to as Shane & Shane – embarked on an ambitious adventure: the launch of The Worship Initiative. This endeavor represents years of effort and proposes to provide a rich resource to worship ministry people – whether worship team members, songwriters, or worshipers themselves. The hub of The Worship Initiative is their website: The Worship Initiative, their latest LP, is without question a worship album but it’s also representative of the offerings to be found on their flagship service. We culled various online sources, gathered reviews, and then put the headphones on ourselves to produce this latest Review Roundup. Read on to learn more…


Shane & Shane aren’t reinventing the wheel here. What is presented isn’t necessarily ground-breaking nor is it intended to be. Rather, The Worship Initiative follows through on its stated purpose: to set the table for people to engage with the Lord on a daily basis. The arrangements are accessible, and the album as a whole is presented in a manner that facilitates (rather than complicates) a worship leader in evaluating songs to incorporate.

Album:  The Worship Initiative

Artist: Shane & Shane

Genre: Praise & Worship

Label: Fair Trade Services

Release Date: April 28, 2015

Our Score

The Roundup

“This is a completely worshipful album, in the passionate style that Shane and Shane have become known for. This is a must-own collection for worship leaders looking for congregational friendly arrangements of recent standout songs.”

New Release Tuesday

“…it’s a resource, a treasury, for those who are serious about inspiring congregations to worship the King of kings.”


“If the intention of The Worship Initiative was to simplify these songs to make them easier for a worship team to reproduce, then the duo accomplished this without sacrificing too much creativity.”

Jesus Freak Hideout

“From start to finish, this album is full of well written, reflective lyrics calling our hearts to worship.”

Christian Music Review


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