lincoln_brewsterOne of our favourite things to do is to listen to new music. Music written to edify the church especially excites us at Frequency.FM! Having said that, we feel it would be best to share with you not just an opinion or singular perspective on a new release, but rather to “round up” for you multiple perspectives from the inter-webs. Overall, in light of recent events in Lincoln’s family life, it’s safe to say that he has delivered a truly raw album that has a lot of sincerity – yet still truly Lincoln’s styling. For more background on some of the events that led to his latest songwriting, please read the well done review by as they delve deeper into the background of what circumstances influenced Lincoln’s writing.

Here’s what the reviewers are saying around the web:

Pouring his heart and soul into the crafting of this brand new record, “Oxygen” is not your average phone-in affair.  Rather, brimming with a fresh assurance steeped in God’s covenantal faithfulness, these songs are what brought the Brewsters through their most painful and fearful experiences.”


 In the light of the recent ordeals the Brewsters has had been facing, to hear Brewster still singing with such fiery confidence in God on the title cut “Oxygen” and “On Our Side” are just heart affirming.”


With “Oxygen,” Brewster is finally back with his first non-seasonal worship album since 2010’s “Real Life.”  And he returns with greater depth, sensitivity and passion.”


CCM Magazine

Not surprisingly, Oxygen captures the tension and release of grief and uncertainty as it gives way to the certainty and truth of God’s faithfulness.”


The title track, a driving modern-pop melody sure to be a favorite, became the linchpin for the whole project, especially after Lincoln’s 9-year-old son Liam claimed it as his favorite.”


Known for crafting songs that serve both the Church and Christian radio, Lincoln delivers another radio favorite with the album’s first single, “Made New,” which sets the progressive, organic tone of the album without sacrificing its congregational appeal.”


Christian Music Review


Oxygen begins with “Live to Praise You” which is a fun, dance-style reminder that the only reason we live is to praise our Savior and bring Him glory.  This is a great lead-in to the rest of the album because it sets the stage for the songs to come.”


 After a couple upbeat songs, things slow down for “I’m Made New,” which is one of my favorite songs on the album.  The message of this song is of God’s redemption through Jesus and how we’ve been made a new creation in Christ!”


Overall, Oxygen is a solid record.  It’s not something I believe we will be singing in our local church body, but I feel that audiences will discover it has a solid presence on the radio waves.  If you purchase this album, expect fun times riding in the car with your family, windows rolled down and singing as loud as you can.  And, of course, be sure to take a glimpse into the rearview mirror to see how many of your family members are playing air guitar to Lincoln’s crazy guitar solos.”


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