one-way-love-bookI (Dan) recently had the opportunity to read Tullian Tchividjian’s latest book One Way Love – Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World. This book was highly anticipated – not only because of his relationship to Billy Graham (Tullian is his grandson), but also the subject matter on “Grace”, which is the very topic of The Gospel Coalition – Atlantic Canada‘s conference this coming August 5-7, 2014 in Charlottetown PEI.

I will say it’s easy to be cynical of an author that has a total of 28 endorsements at the front of the book from all walks of life. It seems that there is a lot of convincing to do at the front end to get you to read the book, but all-in-all, the book is well worth the read and will give you an immense sense of hope in your position and relationship with Christ and literally rock your world if you come from a legalistic background.

This book is full of quote-worthy statements and definitely will not leave you questioning what Tullian’s point is.  This having been said, it is a tad repetitive and you may find Tullian’s perspective on Grace to be radical – even uncomfortable – grace. I submit, though, that you can’t read the Old and New Testament without coming to the realization that God’s grace is indeed radical; Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection miraculous; and His call to follow Him uncomfortable.

We’ve searched the blogosphere to find other reviews to give you a balanced response to the book.  We trust they will help you get a good understanding of the book and decide for yourself.

Here is our review roundup:

Escape to Reality (Paul Ellis) –

Key Quotes:

Tullian Tchividjian is known partly because he is Billy Graham’s grandson. But what is far more interesting to me is that he is the father of three children, including two teenagers. You see, grace is all well and good when preached from the pulpit but it’s at home and in the workplace where grace is actually revealed. What I particularly loved about this book was Tchividjian’s honesty when it came to his need for grace at home.
One Way Love is an excellent introduction to the unconditional love of our God. (It reminded me of He Loves Me, by Wayne Jacobsen.) If I had to pick one small thing about the book that didn’t entirely resonate, it would be the last chapter where we are told we are “100 percent righteous (and) 100 percent sinful.” This is confusing. I understand that Tchividjian is trying to reconcile the lofty claims of the gospel with the muddy realities in which we live. But the fact is, you are one with the Lord and Jesus isn’t 100 percent sinful. He’s not even one percent sinful. –

Key Quote:

Here is my dreadful confession.  I have read so much of this stuff that I am bored and tired of grace.   No, that’s wrong.  How can I get tired or bored of grace?  In reality I am tired and bored with books about grace.   That’s what happened with this book – by the time I got to the third chapter I was bored, with only the occasional quote or personal story keeping my attention.  Talk about grace has become so commonplace that it no longer seems amazing –even, or especially, when people keep telling how amazing the latest insight into amazing grace is.  It’s a bit like the word ‘awesome’, which is now no longer ‘awesome’. –

Key Quotes:

One Way Love is full of theology, but is accessible to any once-a-month pew warmer. Read it, and learn to view grace as abandonment, as an ability to unbound the ties of your rights and my rights, winning and losing, legalistic rule following and hoop jumping, and instead live freely in Christ and follow the fruits that come from tasting unconditional love.
If you want to coddle old grudges, do not read this book.

If you want to maintain safe boundaries in a strained friendship, do not read this book.

If you want to continue to justify yourself with your “to-do” list, do not read this book.

But if you want to consider that grace might be more radical and liberating than you have ever dreamed possible, if you want to be free from the guilt of your sins and the tyranny of your good works, if you want the freedom to forgive old wrongs and move boldly forward in your relationships, then by all means read this book. – for further customer comments and reviews not written in blog format.

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