DustinSmith_ProfileComing Alive represents the second major release from Kansas City worship leader Dustin Smith.  Recorded live at World Revival Church in Kansas City, the LP features songs from an impressive cadre of songwriters including Michael Farren, Ed Cash, Jack Mooring, and Michael W. Smith.  So, is Smith able to avoid the sophomore slump?  And where does Coming Alive fit in with the landscape of current worship offerings?

The Consensus

There is no debate amongst reviewers that Smith is the real deal: this is a worship leader who is committed to bringing people to the throne of God.  He is passionate and authentic.  This having been said, Coming Alive does not distinguish itself from other offerings in the worship genre.  Coming Alive is worth your dime, but perhaps next time Smith will get some help finding ways to set himself apart from his peers in terms of arrangement and album flow.


Review Link: http://www.hallels.com/articles/6702/20140919/dustin-smith-coming-alive-album-review.htm

Key quote:

“When Smith gets to sing about Jesus, he invests every fibre of his being into his songs in such a way that is so contagious that it’s a challenge for us to listen to this CD and not want to worship along.”

All About Worship

Review Link: http://www.allaboutworship.com/blog/coming-alive-dustin-smith-review

Key quotes:

“This is a cry for the overwhelming presence of God. Truly, when you listen, you begin to feel the longing for God, and the rush of His presence which is Holy Spirit’s answer to our cries.”

Christian Music Review

Review Link: http://christianmusicreview.org/dustin-smith-coming-alive/

Key quote:

“While Dustin produces an effective and moving album, the only critique I could give is that his songs lack that something different that would set him apart from his peers in terms of style. “

Soul Audio

Review Link: http://soul-audio.com/2014/09/review-dustin-smith-coming-alive/

Key quote:

“Coming Alive is an album that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. You’ll not find the latest, greatest worship craze or the most inventive musical innovations here. But, what you will find, is a worship leader and his church who are passionate about seeking the face of God and in lifting him up in worship.”


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