Gabriel_RighteousnessFor those of you thought it would never arrive, that it was a mythical creature like a unicorn or a Texas Democrat, we are ridiculously thrilled to present you with the long-awaited Gabriel Allred interview.  To bring you up-to-date, we interviewed Gabe on Halloween 2013, just a couple of days before the release of a new CFNI recording (No Ordinary Love) and during the week of their annual worship retreat, Resonate.  After a lot of great conversation, it became abundantly clear that I had an editing nightmare on my hands.  Gabe laughed at me.  So…six months later, we are finally rolling it out.

For the record, Mr. Allred is one of our favorite people.  He’s thoughtful, intelligent, clever, and fun.  And he is unabashedly passionate about worship.  Gabe talks with Joe about leaders that inspire him, why Christian creatives are 20 years behind popular culture, and why playing the accordion is not a simple bid to jump into the hipster movement.  Oh, and CFNI’s latest album.  Honestly, this interview is so chock-full of great insights on creativity, we can’t list them all.  Just queue it up and listen, for goodness sake.

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