Great to have you with us for Episode 15!  There are many cools things happening at in 2014, and we’re blessed to be able to share another excellent interview with you – the singularly stupendous, social media Jedi, Jim Gray.  Set aside a little drive time and learn from the wisdom shared by this industry veteran.

Jim Gray and FamilySelf-promotion and marketing are an oft ignored necessity of the artist.  After sweating blood and tears to produce an album or write a book, many artists neglect the work required to get their work recognized in a busy marketplace.  If you caught our last episode with Ellie Holcomb, you understand how an established platform can be the key difference between stratospheric success and obscurity.  Jim has spent years in the trenches working with authors, musicians, and artists in general building platforms so that all the hard work isn’t lost in the noise created by everyone else trying to get noticed.

Other Notes:

  • Jim is a huge Star Wars junkie.  We had to cut the ten minutes of the interview in which we ask him to name his favorite character (Obi Wan Kenobi, in case you were wondering).  We had to restrain ourselves from photoshopping an image of him with the fabled brown robe.
  • You’ll hear more from Jim on Frequency.  He’ll occasionally join us to share a blast of social media wisdom as well as provide us with some excellent interviews when he encounters some of your favorite Christian artists.
  • We asked Jim what music we should use for interview transitions – he suggested techno or hip hop.  As luck would have it, an excellent EP by Rapture Ruckus was released just this week: Invader Vol. 1.  Check out the video of their single “In Crowd” on YouTube.

    Rapture Ruckus

    Rapture Ruckus

  • You really should listen to Episode 14 with the marvelous Ellie Holcomb.  It’s an imperative.  Really…
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