Howdy, folks.  We have a little surprise for you this episode (#14).  Earlier this week, our guest’s first full length album, As Sure as the Sun, was released and quickly scaled the iTunes charts – ultimately reaching #1 on Christian & Gospel charts and #8 on the overall albums charts.  To reach that level as a Christian artist is remarkable, but to do so as an independent artist for one’s first major release is unheard of.  So Tuesday afternoon, the very generous Ellie Holcomb took time out of release day craziness to talk to Joe…


Ellie demonstrates her humor, humility, and vulnerability in this candid conversation.  Of course they talk about the record-setting Kickstarter campaign and the unexpected success of the album, but Ellie also shares her experience as a 8th-grade English teacher, her passion for sharing Christ with youth, how life’s valleys influence her songwriting, and (gasp!) the possibility of a sophomore album.  We’re confident you’ll enjoy the interview, so get to it…

Other Notes

    • As of this morning (Friday), Ellie’s album is still in the top ten of iTune’s overall album chart.
    • Many thanks to Ellie’s manager, Sam Higinbotham, who coordinated the interview.  Joe was apparently unable to pronounce her name when the episode was recorded.  Sad…
  • Ellie’s dad is legendary producer and songwriter, Brown Bannister.  In a multi-decade career, Brown has one 25 Dove awards, 14 Grammy awards, and produced or engineered songs for just about every major Christian artist in CCM over the past 30 years.
  • Ellie names some of the artists that are currently inspiring her.  Be sure to check them out: All Sons and Daughters, Christa Wells (what!?), Sara Groves, Emily Freeman’s Grace for the Good Girl, and Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts
  • Catch up on our latest reviews: Glory by Kutless, City Harbor’s self-title debut, and As Sure As the Sun by this episode’s guest!
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