As creatives, the desire to share a work is a natural extension of its completion.  When we’re passionate about something, we are compelled to spread the news.  And, while it sounds counter to a Christian life, we long to be noticed and aspire to share the fruits of our labor with a greater audience.

Unfortunately, most artists (myself included) aren’t adept at self-promotion.  It’s not comfortable, and our attempts are often stumbling and awkward. While the resources available to get the word out have never been better, most of us are utterly clueless as to how to put those tools to good use.

To this end, Michael Hyatt has written Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.  Platform is a practical manual for the effective cultivation of an audience of people as enthusiastic about your work as yourself.  Hyatt walks the reader through the visioning process, then purposely addresses brand development, establishing your presence in the market, and nurturing and growing your audience.

Perhaps this sounds very business-oriented. I had a similar concern initially. When I picked up a copy from the library, I began reading with all the enthusiasm of a required text for college history class. Two chapters in, I was hesitant to put it down.  Two days later, I shelled out the cash and bought a copy for myself. I found that Hyatt’s treatment of the subject is applicable to a broad audience, not least of which is the artist community.

It should be noted that Platform is a collection of posts previously written by Hyatt – virtually all of the content can be found on his blog at  Structurally, this results in 60+ brief and intentionally-focused chapters, most of which can stand alone.  It makes this book quite practical and actionable.

This approach also means that he doesn’t delve too deeply into any one subject, which occasionally leaves the reader wanting more.  There is likewise a tendency for information to be repeated from chapter-to-chapter.  This can be annoying if you’re reading it cover-to-cover; however, it proves convenient if later used as a reference tool.

In terms of social media, Hyatt is very much focused on Twitter.  Reasonable considering his success on that platform but a bit limiting for people who engage on Facebook and Google+.  Still, it is not difficult to visualize how his guidelines can apply to other channels.

For those wishing to leverage Hyatt’s insight or who merely want to check out a sample before committing to a purchase, I encourage you visit his blog (noted above) and click on the “Platform” header.  Read a few posts with titles that intrigue you.  If you find them helpful, consider picking up the book.

Ultimately, I believe Platform provides a wealth of wisdom for the motivated artist and is a volume you should add to your personal library.  Actually, we at Frequency
think enough of the book that we’ve decided to buy a copy and give it away to one of our followers.  If you’d like a chance to win, just take the following two actions:

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