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Integrity Music, WeAreWorship Partner With WFX Network

Integrity Music is honored to partner with the WFX Network to produce two worship training events this year through the label’s WeAreWorship.com platform and featuring Covenant Worship, Travis Ryan and The Worship Society. The first event, the REACH Conference, will...



The Healing Journey with Carol Howard Merritt

Who says there’s no such thing as providence? You certainly won’t hear it from us. Our episode today is the result of the appearance of a small package on Joe’s doorstep. Inside he found an advanced copy of Healing Spiritual Wounds, a book authored by our guest, Carol Howard Merritt. This inspiring yet practical piece paves a path to the restoration of personal faith for those who have been hurt or betrayed by established institutions of faith. It’s a timely work and one we felt immediately compelled to share with our audience.


Josh Wilson Says “Yes” with New Album

Perhaps we say this too much, but we really mean it this time:  You are in for a treat today.  For...

Amp’d Interview: Bonnie Gray, Part 1

Last year, Bonnie Gray came to our attention by way of her excellent memoir-driven book, Finding...

Wise Words 32: Don Moen

A few weeks ago, our buddies at Worship Ministry Catalyst interviewed legendary...

Robbie Seay: Passionate, Pragmatic and Independent

Back when Frequency was in its infancy, there were a few names we scribbled on a (figurative)...

Emily P. Freeman’s Heart for Artists

The holidays are in full swing, and we're excited about the season.   We're also pretty stoked...


Katie Gustafson: Caring for Yourself

Katie Gustafson: Caring for Yourself

Happy New Year and welcome back to the podcast. For our first episode of 2016, we wanted to share something special and uniquely appropriate. Katie Gustafson is a name familiar to many folks as an accomplished singer-songwriter and worship leader. But she wears another hat – she’s a licensed professional counselor who has been in practice since 2009. It was her work as a therapist that brought her to our attention.

CMS NW 2015 – Andrew Ehrenzeller and the Culture of Worship

CMS NW 2015 – Andrew Ehrenzeller and the Culture of Worship

Our introduction to worship leader Andrew Ehrenzeller was a wonderful little accident. The Jesus Culture artist was standing near our booth, so we just struck up a conversation without actually recognizing him. After twenty minutes of chatting about the joys of family and common interests, we finally decided that we should commit it to a recording.

Andrew Marcus – A Bright Voice From Western Canada

Andrew Marcus – A Bright Voice From Western Canada

If you’ve been keeping up with our series of interviews from CMS NW 2015, the name Andrew Marcus is likely a familiar one. This gregarious Canadian songwriter and worship leader jumped in and facilitated several of the resulting artist conversations. Andrew is based out of Vancouver, BC, which is quick couple of hours from Seattle where CMS NW took place. Andrew has written and worked with some big names including Paul Baloche, Leeland Mooring, and producer Ed Cash. They describe him with words such as “sincere”, “anointed”, and “refreshing”. And we tend to agree.

Amp’d Interview: James Mead of Kutless

Amp’d Interview: James Mead of Kutless

We’re back with another Amp’d interview! This episode features one of the original band members from the band Kutless, James Mead. Ironically, although Joe is a throwing distance from James in Oregon, Dan was actually the one who connected with James due to scheduling…soon to be rectified of course with a coffee at a local shop!

CMS NW 2015 – Benji Cowart Talks Worship, Songwriting, and a New EP

CMS NW 2015 – Benji Cowart Talks Worship, Songwriting, and a New EP

Songwriter Benji Cowart has long been on our potential interview list. Not only is he extremely talented, he is funny, humble, and ridiculously kind. Our guest host, Andrew Marcus sat down with the Word Worship artist to pick his brain about leading worship, his songwriting approach, and the new EP, Surrender.

CMS NW 2015 – Healing the Nation with Don Moen

CMS NW 2015 – Healing the Nation with Don Moen

We start strong right out of the gate with the legendary Don Moen chatting about his experience with CMS NW and his latest endeavor – a musical project that focuses on his longing for a nation that is healed and whole.

Staci Frenes Gives Voice to the Artist

Staci Frenes Gives Voice to the Artist

It seems that God never ceases to find unexpected and creative ways to introduce us to artists. Such is the case with our guest today, Staci Frenes. Staci is probably foremost a singer/songwriter with eight records under her belt whose music you may heard featured in movies and major network shows. But she’s also a gifted writer who published her first book, Flourish: Cultivate Creativity. Sow Beauty. Live in Color. last year. It’s a beautiful and inspiring collection of stories and insights that speaks into the hearts of Christian creatives everywhere.

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The Beatitudes Project To Release Early 2017

The Beatitudes Project To Release Early 2017

Set for release spring 2017, The Beatitudes Project – a book: Words From the Hill (An Invitation to the Unexpected) from NavPress, a full-length album: Beatitudes with The Fuel Music, and a documentary film currently in the works – reveals a wide world of connected stories: real people from all faiths and walks of life who embody mercy, poverty, meekness, the hungry and thirsty, the peacemakers, the mourners, and the pure in heart—as seen, heard and experienced through a twenty-first century lens.

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A Guide to Our Album Ratings

Ratings We want the resulting score of an album to represent the philosophy we have espoused in our Your Baby’s Ugly post: an honest, fair, and kind review.  We do recognize, however, that a score for 6.7 for an album we generally like is going to confuse some folks – especially considering that some review sources will hesitate to assign an album anything less than 3.5 out of 5 stars. For the sake of setting appropriate expectations about our scale for album scores, we share the following guide...


When I sat down (via the magic of the internet) with Joe Brookhouse of Frequency, I expected to answer some questions about my book, my faith, and my art. What I didn’t expect was the conversation that followed. Joe is thoughtful, prepared, and engaging and that interview remains one of my most memorable and enjoyable during the flurry of the book launch. I’m a huge fan of Frequency FM and it’s an honor to support the great work they do

Emily P. Freeman

Author of A Million Little Ways

I look forward to every new podcast that comes out from the great guys at frequency.fm! I love the variety of people that they feature, the questions they ask, the song clips they showcase, and the fun that Joe & Dan have together! This is a podcast that feeds my artist-heart and I am SO incredibly thankful to have it available to me through iTunes!

Hannah Starn

Frequency Listener

When my baby girl Eden was in NICU in St. Paul Minnesota, I had a scheduled interview with Dan Thomson and Joe Brookhouse over at the Frequency Podcast.  This Podcast is top notch for artists and authors and because I didn’t want to miss it, the guys graciously allowed me to call in over Google Voice and risk their studio quality sound.

In the end, I’m glad they did because it turned out to be the best interview I’ve done.  Joe knocked the ball outta the park with his insightful questions.  I’m sharing it with you because we went places Church Zero didn’t go, and I want to take you with us.

Peyton Jones

New Breed Church Planting