We’re excited to announce the release of our first music sampler.  This “Frequency.FM Music Sampler 1” features a vast array of artists covering multiple genres as well as international artists. We’ve included songs from some of our favorite Frequency guests as well as extraordinary folks with whom we’ve had the pleasure to connect.  We hope you will connect with each artist and let them know where you heard their music!

FrequencyFM Inc. is a non-profit organization led by Joe Brookhouse and Dan Thomson. Any “tips” donated will go towards future artist promotion and investment back into supporting artists and the creatives with whom we’ve had the privilege of working.

Frequency.FM wish to thank the artists and labels that authorized the distribution of this music sampler.

  1. Better Than This – Jessica Campbell
  2. Independence Day – The Union of Sinners and Saints
  3. Renovate – Christa Wells 
  4. She Whispers – Moda Spira
  5. Love Is a Hammer – Ross King
  6. Come Out – Staci Frenes
  7. Bigger Houses – Amy Savin
  8. O To Be Like You – A Beautiful Liturgy
  9. Hem – Brothers McClurg
  10. That’s Who Your Are – Zealand Worship
  11. The Same Way – Drew Brown
  12. Bounce Back – G Blest
  13. Lay It Down – Weston Skaggs


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