new-steff“All of life is the undoing.”

This is one of Steffany Gretzinger’s life messages. She describes a moment in her life when she claimed to be undone before God, and He told her she was only experiencing a part of what it will be like to be undone before Him when they meet face-to-face someday. The album The Undoing is evidence of a life moving through each day with that “someday” encounter in mind.

Steffany’s album is a lovely collection of what she calls “the moments in-between”, the moments that seem so ordinary, but contain beauty yet to be recognized. “Morning Song” is a perfect opening to an early morning quiet-time, with its simple melodies and a musical build to match the rising dynamic of the day. “Out of Hiding (Father’s Song)” is raw and simple, but filled with poignant lyrics that are a sweet (and somehow always timely) reminder of the Father’s love. “Getting There” describes the process of moving toward the final undoing, and is an idyllic closing track for the album.

For those who have seen Steffany as a Bethel Music worship leader, this album might come as a surprise. One might expect that a personality as dynamic, powerful, and explosive could have difficulty being contained to 11 tracks and a studio, yet she has done it beautifully. Of course, there are still raw elements about her worship that don’t come across, such as the sheer power of her spontaneous worship. Many people came to know of her through these occasions – the “moments in-between” the songs.

The challenge for this project would undoubtedly be trying to capture Steffany on something as shiny and polished as a full length album without losing her authenticity – something Bethel Music has done well in past recordings. She manages to maintain the lyrical depth and intimacy we’ve come to expect from her in worship.  At the same time, she reveals yet another facet of her versatility by delivering songs that are simple and catchy without forsaking creativity and artistic expression.  Most importantly, she does so without forsaking the characteristics that make her so unique.

The Undoing is a powerful album that will surely be known for carrying people through many different seasons of life, for inspiring young worship leaders and artists, and for reminding all of us that we must live with that “someday” encounter in mind.

This review was written by Jessica Collins. For more information on Jessica, please visit our contributors page. 


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