pjandersonRiseAlbum: Rise

Artist: PJ Anderson

Genre: Country/Worship

Label: PJ Anderson

Release Date: October 7, 2014

Standout Tracks: “Grace Is Hope”, “Your Grace Is Amazing”, “If We Knew Your Love”

Overview:  As a worship album, PJ Anderson’s Rise seems a bit confused.  On one hand, it wants to be rock-tinged contemporary.  On the other, it is a country-folk.  Sure, there’s room for both, but Nashville native Anderson is so much stronger and more natural when his country roots shine.  Songs like the title track that attempt to emulate middle-of-the-road CCM just flop – the performance feels forced and the songwriting is notably weaker.  However, with songs like “Grace Is Hope” and “Your Grace Is Amazing”, Anderson seems so much more comfortable.  It’s in these tracks, when he embraces a light country sound, that one recognizes how good Anderson can be.  With a voice reminiscent of Jim Croce and a pen capable of creating easy turns of phrase, PJ Anderson has the tools to knock it out of the ballpark.  Want to encourage PJ to play more to his strengths?  Download the standout tracks and skip the rest.

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