David_Dunn_Photo_1_2014There is quite a bit to like about singer/songwriter David Dunn and his EP Crystal Clear (BEC Recordings). Not yet a household name, Dunn has been working the indie music scene for several years and even popped up auditioning on Season 2 of “The Voice”.  Exhibiting melodic sensibilities of Jason Gray, a cutting delivery reminiscent of Kevin Max, and the anthemic alt-pop of Imagine Dragons, Dunn is familiar and accessible.

Crystal Clear’s five tracks were culled from more than 100 songs written over the past two+ years and are evidently targeted toward the CCM radio crowd. The themes lyrically are upbeat while the music itself is high energy. The first single, “Today is Beautiful” is already enjoying impressive airplay.  It’s an infectious number with a driving beat and an unapologetically positive message – seemingly designed specifically to enjoy on the morning commute.  “Waiting for Love”, brings it to a gentle – albeit dramatic – conclusion.

In many ways, the tracks on Crystal Clear don’t distinguish themselves much from the fare offered on mainstream Christian stations, but there is something compelling about Dunn’s delivery that draws you back for more.  Is it a bit formulaic? Yes, but you probably won’t (and shouldn’t) care.  The pop hooks are solid, the drum beats are big, and the melodies stick with you.

One could argue the overall experience is marred somewhat by a sameness track-to-track. This wasn’t enough of a deterrent to curb repeated listens, but it would be nice to see more acoustic variety and additional lyrical depth.  Since this isn’t a full-length release, one wonders what Dunn could bring to the table with a full slate of songs.

In the end, Crystal Clear performs exactly as an EP should: it introduces us to an artist, gives us a taste of their potential, and leaves us looking forward to the possibility of a full album down the road.  For fans of well-crafted, power pop, this is a safe bet.  Seriously, for less than $5, you should download it now.

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