Worth It All from Word Worship represents Meredith Andrews foray into the world of corporate worship.  Though her previous work has always hinted at worship, this album represents a more deliberate move that direction.

Andrews’ strength has always been the expressiveness and lovely vulnerability in her voice coupled with honest, compelling lyrics.  And on Worth It All, it’s the tracks that leverage these qualities that are most potent.

The heart of the album is literally found at it’s center.  “Worth It All”, “All I Ask”, and “Burn Away” are stellar tracks and are excellent vehicles for her voice.  The final track, “Pieces” is also notable for the slight shift into pop-country territory, giving it a delivery not unlike current country  chanteuse, Taylor Swift.

Worth It All falters at the points where it is apparent the songs are intended to be anthemic. “Open Up the Heavens” and “Strong God”, for example, aren’t bad songs, but the production begins to feel predictable, by-the-numbers.  It’s on tracks such as these that Andrews’ voice doesn’t sound up to the task of delivering a knockout punch.

Despite some mis-steps, there is more right than wrong with Worth It All.  Worship leaders are going to find a solid handful of songs to introduce to their congregations, and there are enough moments of authenticity and openness to make it a good candidate for personal worship.

For: Worship leaders, fans of Meredith Andrews’ remarkable voice

Get it now: Worth It All

Highlights: Not For A Moment (After All)Start With MeAll I AskBurn Away, Pieces

Meredith shares one of our favorites from the album, “Not For A Moment” in this live performance.

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