Dave Cleveland - TriumphantDuring our trip to Christian Musician Summit 2014, we conducted nearly 40 Lightning Interviews that included attendees, artists, and exhibitors.  Most of these can be found on dedicate project page on our site.  For the sake of our podcast listeners, though, we wanted to feature a few of the resulting conversations in the feed, including this great one with Dave Cleveland.  Dave may not be a household name to folks outside of Nashville, but he is the “go to” session guitar player in Nashville and one of the most gifted guitarists on the planet.

There is a bit of history behind this chat: last year at CMS NW, there was a wonderful little turn of events that led Joe from NW recording artist Jen Haugland to Dave Cleveland to his sister, J.C. Mason.  The result was a feature interview with J.C. regarding her equestrian ministry.  We promised ourselves that we’d spend a few minutes with Dave this time to learn more about what he’s up to.  In his own humble way, Dave provides us with a brief rundown of his experience in the music industry before launching into the exciting projects with which he has been involved of late.


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