JoshWilsonAlbumCoverPerhaps we say this too much, but we really mean it this time:  You are in for a treat today.  For our latest Amp’d Interview, we brought on recording artist Josh Wilson to talk about his forthcoming album That Was Then This Is Now (July 31, 2015).  Not only that, but we invited author (and occasional guest) Bonnie Gray to sit in as co-host for the interview.  In fact, Bonnie did such a great job, Joe effectively just sat back and enjoyed the experience.  We think you’ll do the same.

Josh and company chat about the new album and play some word association games regarding some of the songs.  They explore the themes of the album as represented in lyrics and as influenced by his own life experience – addressing specifically the idea of fear and the importance of saying “yes” when God calls us to serve his purpose.  Oh, and he shares some pretty exciting news, too.

Other Notes:

  • Both Josh and Bonnie professed their love of a book by Steven Pressfield: The War of Art. We haven’t read it yet, but their recommendation should be sufficient for you to pick it up.
  • And Josh and Joe gushed about Ellie Holcomb, who we interviewed last year on the day of the release of her wonderful album,  As Sure as the Sun.
  • Bonnie did 95% of the preparation for this interview, and we think she did a great job facilitating.  Don’t you think she should start doing this more regularly?  Maybe she’ll start her own podcast…
  • The International Songwriting Competition 2015, one of the more prestigious and recognized contests for songwriters, is now open for entries.  Whether you are an established or emerging songwriter, you should consider entering.  Actually, we feel strongly enough about it, that we’ll be giving away an entry to one lucky songwriter. Stay tuned for more details.


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