Jody_McBrayer-SingingWith this being our 40th episode, the podcast finally hits middle age. Should folks prepare for the impact of mid-life crisis?   What better way to address it than with the continuation of our candid conversation with celebrated artist Jody McBrayer, formerly of Avalon, who is currently promoting his recently released project, Keep Breathing.  Part 2 picks up right where we left off in Episode 39.  Dan and Jody dig deep into topics regarding art and culture such as the following:

  • How Jody’s musical journey has informed his faith and his approach to his career
  • Why being perfect isn’t an option (nor should it be)
  • Being willing to go where God needs him to go

Other Notes:

  • We’ve recently shared two great new Amp’d interviews: An incredibly fun conversation with John Schlitt and Billy Smiley from The Union of Sinners and Saints and, as discussed in this episode, our chat with Jeremy Dunn from Nine Lashes.
  • If you were wondering, Blue Rodeo’s funk album was Nowhere to Here.


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