We’ve been chatting a lot about this interview with our Episode 19 guest. Jessica Campbell is a critically-acclaimed indie singer/songwriter based in Nashville.  Her 2013 release The Anchor & the Sail was not only well-received but songs have been frequency featured in media – including a nod in USA Today for her song “Gone”.

Our conversation with Jessica is full of insight and covers a lot of ground.  She addresses the apparent gap that exists between different levels of indie artists, the benefit of media song placement, writing with Michael Farren (of Pocket Full of Rocks) and the truly glamourous nature of promoting your music in undiscovered country.  Oh, and because Joe can’t help himself, he asks how close TV show Nashville comes to reality.

By the way, since this was a somewhat longish episode – about an hour – we wanted to provide you with a few transition times in case you choose to enjoy in more than one sitting: Interview Start (10:05), Segment 2 (17:20),  Segment 3 (33:00), Segment 4 (37:30), Segment 5 (49:58).

Other Notes:

  • Jessica was joined the Northwest tour by the ridiculously talented and funny, Sara Beth Go.  Her most recent release, Wish It Had, is a fantastic marriage of perky pop and melancholy introspection.  Here’s a review that captures it well:
  • In the not-so-distant future, we’ll be featuring songs and videos from the concert Jessica and Sara Beth played at Sanctuary Church in Portland.  You will not be disappointed.
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  • Visit our Wise Words page to access a portfolio of insightful installments from past and future Frequency guests.  Our most recent is from Episode 7 guest, Christa Wells.
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